Introduction To The Archer Strategy
In our last session, I introduced you to the concept of the simplified marketing strategy matrix, a framework for you as a local independent practitioner to use along with your business model design, strategy design and your selection of marketing tactics. Basically, what it boiled down to is that at the extreme end of each…

Introduction To The Simplified Brander Strategy
In our last session, I told you about the first quadrant in the simplified strategy matrix for local independent practitioners, the “Archer” strategy, where you target your market to a narrowly defined focus, just like an archer aiming at a target with a narrow focused shaft, adhering to Porter’s Generic Focus Strategies with either Differentiation… (0 comment)

Introduction To The Simplified Clumper Strategy
So far I have described the first two quadrants of the Rainmaker Marketing Simplified Strategy Matrix. The (A)rcher quadrant, and the (B)rander quadrant. Again, they are: A large market with many competitors, requiring the strategy of an Archer, and A small market with many competitors, requiring the strategy of a Brander. In the first quadrant… (0 comment)

Introduction To The Developer Strategy
While I was writing this course, I released it to my newsletter subscribers. During that time, I got emails “up the gump stump” asking me to speed up writing what has become the “Rainmaker Protégé” marketing strategy series. Well, it made me feel good. And, what you’re getting here is the finished product of several…

Building Your Business Model – Targeting Your Market
Your business model and your strategy, while they are two separate concepts, are also inextricably linked. Your business model becomes a part of your strategy, along with your tactics. And, you cannot think about your business model without considering what your strategy will be, and what tactics you use. And, of course, your tactics are…

Determining Your Target Market’s Needs
So, if you’ve been following along with this strategy series, you should now have three or four documents lying on your desk. The first one being Porter’s Generic Strategies, the second being your Rainmaker’s Target Market Selection Worksheet, the third the Simplified Strategy Matrix, and the fourth being the Rainmaker’s Canvas. This isn’t like some… (0 comment)

Developing Your Value Proposition
Your Value Propositions – what problems do you solve for your clients? A couple of sessions back, after I had finished talking about “Target Market Segments,” you should have developed an hypothesis about who your target customer is, and identified that target as a singular person you could talk to. In my example, it was…

Planning Your Irresistible Offer
In 1961, in his hit book, “Reality In Advertising,” Rosser Reeves introduced the concept of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or Unique Selling Point, as a marketing concept that explained successful advertising campaigns. The theory behind the USP states that such campaigns made unique propositions to the customer that convinced them to switch brands. Reeves… (0 comment)

The Lifecycle Of An Accounting Practice
In today’s environment, with all the direct competition as well as the available substitutes to your services, building and growing a successful, a super successful, bookkeeping, accounting, consulting or tax preparation practice, is really difficult. Really difficult. And, while there is really about only one marketing model that works for bookkeepers, accountants and tax professionals,…