From Capabilities To Tactics
As you learned in our last session, Tactics are combinations of activities available to you through the capabilities of the resources you have available. When your capabilities become routines, and exist in the culture of your practice, you have developed a core competency. The routines you develop include the coordination of the diverse production skills… (0 comment)

Your Marketing And Distribution Channels
Channels – how do you communicate to attract prospects or with your clients to deliver your products and services? Previously, I talked about “Value Propositions.” By now you should have started the process of figuring out what it is you offer and why your clients buy from you, and matched your value proposition to the… (0 comment)

The Revenue Model Matrix
Revenue Streams Where does your money come from, and where does it go? I’ll bet you thought you were never going to get to the good stuff, did you?   Up until now we’ve been working to understand who your customers are and why they retain you as their accounting services provider. Along the way,… (0 comment)

About The Revenue Model Part Of The Matrix
It’s time we dug a little deeper into your Revenue Streams. First of all, remember, that the Rainmaker’s Revenue Model Matrix is nothing but a framework for starting you on the development of your revenue streams and pricing strategy. And, as I mentioned in our last session, your Revenue Streams will generally be either Unitary… (0 comment)

Client Lifetime Value And Churn
No discussion of Revenue Streams would be complete without be complete without a discussion of Client Lifetime Value And Churn.     Calculating CLV helps you decide how much you can invest in retaining a client so as to achieve positive return on your investment in acquiring that client. You probably don’t have a lot… (0 comment)

Your Key Metrics
So far you’ve figured out who you are going to target, what their needs are, what you’re going to offer them, how you’re going to reach them, how you’re going to profit from them and what you’re going to need to deliver all that.   You have the ability to collect a lot of data,… (0 comment)

Your Cost Structure
Your Cost Structure – What does it cost you to operate your practice under your chosen business model? Take a look at the business model you have generated as you’ve done your worksheets, and list your most important costs. Your costs are mainly identified through your list of resources and your list of activities.  … (0 comment)

Recapping Your Business Model
In this session, I want to recap your Business Model Designing your own business model and keeping it up to date with the changing environment is an ongoing process. Just like your strategic planning process is one that you need to revisit time and time again, your business model is one that you should evaluate… (0 comment)

The 80/20 Rule And Your Target Market
[postgopher name=”pg001″]Remember the Pareto Principal? You probably know it as the 80/20 rule, or even the 70/30 principle. It was developed over a hundred years ago by an Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Pareto, who got the idea by observing the pea pods in his garden. According to Pareto’s observations, income from clients… (0 comment)