What does it take to become a great Rainmaker?
I’m on the emailing list of several major tax marketing guru’s. It pays to stay aware of what the competition is doing out in the marketplace. And, I see all sorts of hype and promises, from buy my course and you’ll be a gazillionaire tomorrow, to this is the next great hope and if you…

Accounting And Tax Clients Don’t Understand Their IRA
According to IRS statistics, only approximately 15.2% of the U.S. population owns an IRA. While the average among those who do own them is over $27,000, 46 percent of those responding to a recent survey by TIAA-CREF don’t think they have enough money to save any more than they currently do. But, experts say that…

From Capabilities To Tactics
As you learned in our last session, Tactics are combinations of activities available to you through the capabilities of the resources you have available. When your capabilities become routines, and exist in the culture of your practice, you have developed a core competency. The routines you develop include the coordination of the diverse production skills… (0 comment)

Your Key Activities
Tactics are the actions you take to implement your strategy. Your tactics are limited by the resources you have built into your business model. Your resources have capabilities, and when you combine the action of any two of these capabilities, you have a tactic. Remember that. Your resources have capabilities, and when you implement their… (0 comment)

LSU Department of Accounting Hosts Annual Awards Banquet – E. J. Ourso College of Business
More than 40 students were presented with scholarships in recognition of their academic accomplishments at the Department of Accounting’s annual awards banquet on Thursday, April 21. Additionally, Assistant Professor Jared Soileau was given the Vincent C. Brenner Award, presented annually to the untenured faculty member who has been most productive in academic research. Assistant Professor… (0 comment)