The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Local Accounting Practices
In the world of accounting, artificial intelligence may be hot, but it's no shiny object. Concepts like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing are bleeding into all facets of the accounting industry. Today, local practitioners can set up AI dashboards that alert them to strange patterns in client metrics, and some practitioners are experimenting with ways to use AI to make their internal processes more efficient and make employees happier, or in some cases, more redundant.… (0 comment)

Measuring The Value Of Employee Well Being
Most accountants have a really lousy life-work balance, with their work time outweighing their family time by a factor of three. This even translates to an increase in employee turnover three times higher for employees who do not enroll in or participate in employee wellness programs. A quick look at the situation across the USA… (0 comment)

Independent Accounting Firms Offering Data Analysis Services
In the past few years, machine learning algorithms, deep learning and artificial intelligence have become so commonplace that big data analysis is within the reach of even the average small local practitioner. Previously limited to complicated big data analysis engines such as Hadoop and Spark, new systems are reaching the desktop with Machine Learning (AI)… (0 comment)

Will We See The Big 8 Accounting Firms By 2022?
India has big ambitions, and the world accountancy fraternity had better watch out. According to Prime Minister Modi, the signature of a major Chartered Accountanting firm has more power than even that of a Prime Minister, and he wants half of that power to be located in India by 2022.   Right now, all of… (0 comment)

Can Chatbots Automate Marketing For Tax Practitioners?
Improving artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the proliferation of messaging apps — which enable users and businesses to interact through a variety of mediums, including text, voice, image, video, and file sharing — are fueling the popularity of chatbots.   These software programs use messaging as an interface through which to carry out various tasks,… (0 comment)

Senators Pontificate About Private Tax Collectors
Senators, such as Elizabeth Warren, are up in arms about the potential for a new breed of ‘Revenoor’s,’ the private collection firms that they authorized when they passed a highway repair bill. Now, what they were doing authorizing revenoor’s in a highway repair bill is beyond me, but that is what they done did. And,…

Long Term Investing Is All About Saving Yourself From Yourself
One of the biggest problems I consistently observe is people’s inability to control their spending once they start making money or a lot more money. We all know someone who is making the big bucks, yet is just living paycheck to paycheck (see: Scraping By On $500,000 A Year). After three months of grueling work out of college, I… (0 comment)