Long Term Investing Is All About Saving Yourself From Yourself
One of the biggest problems I consistently observe is people’s inability to control their spending once they start making money or a lot more money. We all know someone who is making the big bucks, yet is just living paycheck to paycheck (see: Scraping By On $500,000 A Year). After three months of grueling work out of college, I… (0 comment)

Google Points to Another POS Vendor Breach
For the second time in the past nine months, Google has inadvertently but nonetheless correctly helped to identify the source of a large credit card breach — by assigning a “This site may be hacked” warning beneath the search results for the Web site of a victimized merchant. A little over a month ago, KrebsOnSecurity… (0 comment)

Here’s A Target Market For You – Maryland
Maryland’s heart may rest in Baltimore’s scenic inner harbor, or the historic streets of downtown Annapolis, but the bulk of its work is in – or related to – nearby Washington.With more than 5 percent of Maryland workers employed by the federal government in 2015, the government really is the “bedrock of the [state’s] economy,”…

Box Ticked
IF YOU peer into the world of accounting in any given month, it is easy to get the impression that an epidemic of skulduggery and incompetence has broken out. Consider the month of August. A whistleblower at Monsanto, an American seeds firm, received a reward from the Securities and Exchange Commission, after spotting that the… (0 comment)