The Changing Face Of Small Business Accounting
Each year, the tax preeparation business, long a Raison D’être for mainstream local, regional and national accounting firms, is faced with a new onslaught from techological breakthroughs, forcing many in the industry to compete as low cost providers, just in order to be able to ‘tread water,’ so to speak. Meanwhile, the general population moves… (0 comment)

Small to mid-sized accounting firms are traditionally viewed as serving only local clients, but with rapid increases in technology, the world is quickly becoming a smaller place to do business. As globalization presents numerous opportunities for small businesses, it also provides the keys that allow smaller accounting firms to expand their services into the international… (0 comment)

Small Practice Success With LinkedIn
Six out of 10 independent practitioners say they believe social-media tools are valuable to their company’s growth, but most aren’t impressed by Twitter. Only 3% of the more than 800 practitioners who responded to the latest survey said Twitter had the potential to help them. Professional-networking service LinkedIn, topped the list with 41% of respondents… (0 comment)

Accountants Continue Long Work Hours Even After Tax Season
The latest Practice Builder Publishing survey of practitioner work related habits indicates that ‘there ain’t no off season’ for accountants and tax practitioners, as practitioners continue full-time workdays during off season.   According to survey results, the overall work day continued to hover at approximately six and three-quarters hours per day off season, with male… (0 comment)

Data Analysis And Cross Selling Tips For Accountants
Cross selling and upselling is one of the most powerful ways you can increase your revenue because it has multiple effects. From increasing revenue to increasing client loyalty through multiple services, upselling and cross selling needs to be an important function of every practitioners marketing plan.   But, what services can you offer to your… (0 comment)