Cloud Software Considerations For Accounting Practitioners
Get your wallets out. Software prices are going up as accounting automation arrives, and software companies become more valuable by the day. Whether the software connects with an online payment gateway like Stripe, Paypal, eWay or some other transfer agent, it becomes more useful to the user as they become more acclimated to online payments.… (0 comment)

Recent Study Reveals that 60% of Local Practitioners Avoid QuickBooks Completely for In-house Accounting Services
The expense and “nickel and dime” nature of QuickBooks accounting software has driven most small, local accountants to avoid the software altogether. Online options such as Xero and Wave are becoming increasingly popular. In a recent study, Practice Builder Publishing asked small local practitioners which accounting software they used in-house. Out of 14 different top… (0 comment)

IRS Licenses Software To Track Block Chain Transaction
Well, Bitcoin hoarders, the IRS may soon be knocking on your door. Seems the IRS has purchased a license to the ‘Reactor’ software by Chainalysis, Inc., a software firm targeting security and cryptocurrency fraud analysis. If you were following our links to What We’re Reading Today in the Practice Builder Publishing Daily Digest, you may… (0 comment)

Accountants Are Pushing Market Disruption
Each day another article flies across my screen about some new technological change that folks are absolutely sure will disrupt the market. The hot topic in the auditing world these days is block chain and how it will cause a paradigm shift in the way audits are done and how we can look forward to… (0 comment)

Tech’s Wealthy Enclaves Hurt the Country—and Tech Itself
ON A DREARY Thursday afternoon in March, the halls of the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC, swelled with people who spend their lives trying to salvage the economies of America’s forgotten towns. Hailing from across the country, they hurried past Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office in their sharp suits and jewel-toned dresses, each… (0 comment)