Augmented Reality And Website Content For Accountants
Automation is everywhere, and accountants are the first to adopt the thoughts and ideas of automation. It’s probably a DNA requirement. Accountants were the first to adopt computers as a business tool, and are the first to apply automation to their day to day tasks.   But, the introduction of automation into marketing is a… (0 comment)

Here’s Why AI Won’t Replace Accountants
If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably also into how technology is affecting the accounting industry. Today we’re going to talk about cooking. I’m hoping you’re one of those people whose world revolves around your Viking stove and who believes that cooking defines us as civilized creatures.   Well, on the latter part, you’d be… (0 comment)

Top 15 Customer Loyalty Program Ideas From The Pros
With so many options available in physical stores and online, keeping customers loyal to your brand is no easy task. For small businesses in particular, it may seem difficult to keep customers coming back without spending a fortune on marketing.   Here are the 15 best customer loyalty program ideas to keep customers happy and… (0 comment)

Half of accountants unhappy at work
Half of accounting professionals are unhappy at their current jobs, leading to fatigue and boredom at work   Accountants were the fourth most affected professionals by low job satisfaction, just behind marketing, legal and hospitality professionals, a CV-Library survey of 1,200 professionals found. Of those working in the accounting sector, 70.8% have had a job… (0 comment)

9 Sneaky Marketing Tricks We Fall for Every Time We Shop
We all know we’re being manipulated every time we shop, but it can still be unnerving to see the true extent of mind games being played on us.   That’s why I was fascinated (and mildly traumatized) to browse through a recent Reddit thread called, “What marketing tricks do we unknowingly fall for?” While not…