Defining Your Market And Developing Your Offering
If you joined us when the marketing mini challenge was first announced (which you can do Here), then you should be with us in week four of your experimenting and learning. If you didn’t, you can still join in Here (Yep, mentioned it twice, didn’t I?).   The fourth week is when we start getting… (0 comment)

Strategy Rules Accounting Firm Risks
Accounting firms are making the risky move and reshaping themselves as strategy consultancies, inching slowly once again away from their core attestation function and into the same mold that created the likes of Enron and Worldcom. Having dipped their toe in with IT consulting and operational consulting, and realizing the fortunes that could be made… (0 comment)

Debit, Credit Trebit. Trebit?
During the Mesopotamian era, a fairly complex accounting of possessions, purchases and expenditures existed. This method was recorded in cuneiform on clay tablets. This was a single entry method of accounting, and is still valid today, although it is less secure than the Double Entry system formalized Fra. Luca Pacioli, in the middle ages.  … (0 comment)

Big Firms Chasing Acquisitions To Carve Out New Niches
With Accenture’s acquisition of marketing and sales consultancy Brand Learning and technology services firm Search Technologies, EY’s launch of their Tax Technology and Transformation division, as well as Deloitte’s acquisition of the advertising firm Heat to complement their Deloitte Digital division, and finally KPMG’s acquisitions of SR7 and renaming it their Social Media Intelligence Group… (0 comment)

4 Step Secret Sauce Formula for Tax Business Owners
During tax season especially, I’ve noticed tax professionals love to be active, but in their busyness they don’t accomplish as much as they think they do.   If you could do nothing else, but cut activity disguised as accomplishment by 50 percent, your profits would skyrocket and you’d have all the time you needed to… (0 comment)

Old Time Accountants Were Shocked When They Saw This . . .
Many established practitioners got started in the days before the internet, and have been slow to adopt the new marketing techniques that automation has made available. Many new practitioners are so adept at the technology, that they jump right in without stopping to understand how it affects their practice. The few who do stop and… (0 comment)