Offering HR Services To Clients?  It Just Got A Bit More Interesting.
The highest state court in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts issued a decision Monday announcing that handicapped employees who have been prescribed medical marijuana may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation under the state’s handicap discrimination law, while requiring employers to engage in an interactive process to assist in making this determination. In Barbuto v. Advantage… (0 comment)

9 Small Business Awards Your Practice Could Sponsor
Whether you have been in practice for decades or are just getting off the ground, sponsoring a local business award is a great way to build credibility and generate positive PR. Businesses that win an award tell customers that they’ve been vetted by a third party and bested other companies to come out on top… (0 comment)

Why Accountancy Marketers Need To Get To Grips With Blockchain
Blockchain technology presents vast opportunities for practitioners, from online ad delivery verification to the safe and transparent storage of data, so marketers should get to know the technology now and stay ahead of the competition. At its simplest Blockchain is a digital ledger that enables a practitioner to record data in a highly secure fashion… (0 comment)

Intuit Launches Global Search for 2017 Firms of the Future
Intuit Inc. is searching for the next Firm of the Future and is inviting accounting firms based in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States to enter the contest and vie for the coveted title. Following the widely successful global search for last year’s winner, Intuit is once again looking for the firms… (0 comment)

Technology Is A Double Edged Sword
A recent editorial in The Guardian talked of technology as a double edged sword. We have to wonder how it is affecting the accounting industry and what the future holds. Every day we hear glowing reports of how technology is making the processing of accounting data easier, and accurate. How systems can easily work across… (0 comment)