Most Local Accountants are forced to Compete on Price Rather than Quality with over 1/3 charging Return Preparation Fees Under $130
Major accounting franchises are taking a toll on small, local accountants, forcing them to wage a price war rather than focus on quality. Over 1/3 admit that return preparation fees average under $130. Tax franchises and software continue to undercut local practitioners in terms of prices. They enjoy an economy of scale that allows them… (0 comment)

Recent Study Shows That Rainmaker Marketing Strategies Are Being Used By The 25% of Accountants Experiencing Over 20% Annual Growth Rates
Marketing accounting services requires a focused plan to ensure adequate growth rates. Practitioners using focused “rainmaker” plans are posting annual growth rates of 20% or better. The most recent study from Practice Builder Publishing, conducted through an online poll, reveals that 41% of small local accountants are experiencing annual growth rates of less than 5%.… (0 comment)

Will The IRS Ever Adopt A Flexible Filing Day?
Tom Herman, over at the Wall Street Journal posted an interesting question recently, asking “Why April 15 Has Lost Its Claim as ‘Tax Day’” Tom explained that the continuing saga of when the last day to file taxes came on a plethora of matters. Most notably what day of the week April 15 came on… (0 comment)

Accounting Firm Cross Selling And Upselling Basics
[postgopher name=”pg001″] Recently, one of my mid-western subscribers called to talk about the loss of one of their major clients to another CPA firm across town from them. My client had discovered that their client was leaving to take advantage of another firms service which, to my subscribers surprise, was one which they offered, and… (0 comment)