Learning From “Clients From Hell”
I had a colleague recently recommend that I take a look at the “Clients From Hell” website. Seems the clients stories were full of example of clients who had no clue as to what they hired the professional to do. It reminded me of how I felt each month when I was in practice, until… (0 comment)

Get New Clients By Thinking Fast And Slow
This post was inspired by The Heart of Conversion Rate Optimization – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine and an analysis of Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast And Slow, as excerpted by Frank J. Babetski, for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).     We’ve all been there. Working on a prospect, or talking to a client,… (0 comment)

How Blockchain is Changing Business Forever
Estimated to be worth $1 trillion by the end of the year, many experts predict that blockchain will completely transform how we do business over the next twenty years and it’s clear to see the technology has no intentions of going anywhere soon.   Blockchain serves as a ledger for transactions to be carried out… (0 comment)

Reaching Clients Through Stories
Launched in 2016, Instagram Stories became an instant hit, adored by 300 million daily users. On average, users under 25 spend around 32 minutes a day on Instagram, while those in older age groups spend more than 24 minutes per day. Considering these stats, it’s clear that this feature offers an amazing opportunity for businesses… (0 comment)

Using Your IDAC Score To Rank Your Services
Okay, by now you should be getting a handle on the value of your clients, as practice building evangelists (Life and Recency Scores), and their lifetime value as clients (Services Score, and Profit Score).   Your next step is to align your line of services and products with the wants and needs of your target… (0 comment)