Where’s The Staff?  Got Employees?
There’s one mistake that all accountants think they know how to handle, but absolutely none do. Well, almost none, anyway. Marketing .   When you went to school, you learned how to be an accountant, how to post debits and credits, and how to create understandable financial reports. When you went out into the big…

Don’t Forget To Ask For The Order
We all have to ask for the order at some time or another. Dearly Beloved’s favorite memory of me and order taking is our first big seminar, with over 500 folks crammed into the community room at our local mall.   Little ol’ me was so excited with the turnout, I gave the best presentation… (0 comment)

I Read A Book!  It’s One You Should Read.
Well, this post almost didn’t get done. If you’ve been watching, I’ve sort of allotted some of my blog posts to Chauncey Hutter Jr., a tax marketing guru up in Charlottesville, Virginia.   I’ve heard my members talk about Chauncey and his bootcamps for years. It seems that quite probably half of my members or… (0 comment)