Get New Clients By Thinking Fast And Slow
This post was inspired by The Heart of Conversion Rate Optimization – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine and an analysis of Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast And Slow, as excerpted by Frank J. Babetski, for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).     We’ve all been there. Working on a prospect, or talking to a client,… (0 comment)

Introduction To The Developer Strategy
While I was writing this course, I released it to my newsletter subscribers. During that time, I got emails “up the gump stump” asking me to speed up writing what has become the “Rainmaker Protégé” marketing strategy series. Well, it made me feel good. And, what you’re getting here is the finished product of several… (0 comment)

Introduction To The Simplified Clumper Strategy
So far I have described the first two quadrants of the Rainmaker Marketing Simplified Strategy Matrix. The (A)rcher quadrant, and the (B)rander quadrant. Again, they are: A large market with many competitors, requiring the strategy of an Archer, and A small market with many competitors, requiring the strategy of a Brander. In the first quadrant… (0 comment)

How Automated Email Marketing Systems Work
Do you use an automated email newsletter as part of your lead generation and nurturing program? If not, you should. Practitioners who use marketing automation as a part of their overall strategy grow on average at a 451% faster rate than their counterparts. Having an automated email mewsletter is a part of every successful marketing… (0 comment)