Amazon turns Alexa into a style assistant with its new Echo Look device

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Amazon.com Inc. has added to its Echo family. The e-retailer today introduced the Echo Look, a small tower-like, voice-activated camera that Amazon bills as a style assistant.

“Using just your voice, easily take full-length photos and short videos with a hands-free camera that includes built-in LED lighting, depth-sensing camera, and computer vision-based background blur,” an email to Amazon customers states. “See yourself from every angle with the companion app. Build a personal lookbook and share your photos.”

Ordinarily, we don’t comment on our news excerpts, except this one is so freaky that we couldn’t help but think that George Orwell’s “Big Brother” is almost here and Amazon are it.

We already have the NSA capturing every keystroke on every computer in the entire USA, so why wouldn’t it make sense for someone to put cameras in every home, and give the NSA a way to capture the goings on in our private lives.

Okay, that’s a bit over the top, but the real reason this article caught my eye is that it exemplifies how even the most ubiquitous of items can have the potential for overreach, and nothing is more ubiquitous than your work as an accountant. Your work has the potential to look into every nook and cranny of your clients business, and possibly their personal lives.

You can both help and embarrass your clients. You have the ability to help them or harm them.

I think you might enjoy reading this, and keeping those thoughts in mind. So continue reading at: Amazon turns Alexa into a style assistant with its new Echo Look device

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