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Using Your Website To Market Your Accounting Services

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I think it was the folks over at Hinge Marketing that developed the research that said accounting firms that are using their website to market are growing at a 65% faster rate than firms that rely on the more traditional methods.

I believe that statistic, but I also think that you cannot abandon the message that you were delivering through your traditional channels.

Everyone in the tax, accounting and consulting business is in the knowledge business. It’s a fact.

And, your clients chose you because they felt you were the best suited to satisfy their needs, which usually rely on that knowledge.

Marketing on the internet is merely an extension of you delivering the message that you are a knowledgeable expert.

Delivering your message through new channels, using new tools, requires you learning new skills, and managing your time so that you are taking proper advantage of those tools.

Delivering your message through new channels, using new tools, requires you learning new skills, and managing your… Click To Tweet

Some of the online tools you should be using are your blog (yes, your blog is a tool), videos, email blasts and autoresponders, as well as podcasts and webinars.

The one thing all of these tools have in common is that they rely on some form of content. This means that something usually has to be written or said.

There are still the old traditional things like getting published and public speaking.

Yes, on the internet, you still need to be a writer and speaker.

But, the problem on the internet is that putting your message online is like advertising on a billboard at the end of a dark alley, where no one can find you. Unless you are getting some traffic, you just aren’t seen.

And, getting seen organically requires that your results are near or at the top of the list of results delivered by search engines like Google and Bing, both of whom have a search algorithm that puts great weight on fresh, relevant, content.

But, the thing is that fresh and relevant are different depending on whatever channel of communication you are using.

The same message on your blog, in an email, in a video or on a podcast, can be scored as fresh in each instance, in each channel.

The only requirement is that you adapt the content slightly for the channel you are using to deliver the message.

Let’s start with the simples, your blog.

You’re wondering what to write about. Ah, write about what your clients ask. Write the advice you give. The answers you give to your clients to their most pressing needs.

Your knowledge is why your clients hired you. Your knowledge is the reason you have clients, the reason you have a business.

Here’s an idea for a simple process.

It’s simple, and not very time consuming.

Let’s start with the premise that your clients are either not asking you questions, or they are loading you up with questions about their business and how to optimize its.

If your clients are asking you questions, you have the ability to develop a large body of content merely by writing down their questions and your answers to them, and then saving them in a file folder in a drawer or on your computer.

If your clients are not asking questions, then each month, or more frequently if possible, you should be reviewing their financial statements, and possibly visiting their operations, to provide them with a short “Things We Noticed” report.

A “Things We Noticed” report is merely a quick note on exceptions from goals or standards of the clients business. Things like “This is too high,” or “This is too low” or any analytical information you can provide, along with advice on how to solve or correct any situation.

A Things We Noticed report is merely a quick note on exceptions from goals or standards of the clients business. Click To Tweet

Save a copy of your “Things We Noticed” report in a folder or file, just as if your client was asking questions. The only difference here is that instead of them generating the questions, you are providing observations along with answers to the observations.

Then, once a week (or more often if you can), pull out those folders and select an interesting question, rewrite the question and your answer to make the information generic so that your client cannot be identified (Gotta stay on the IRS’s good side, don’t we?), and turn it into a piece of content for your website or blog.

Then, once a week (or more often if you can), pull out those folders and select an interesting question, rewrite the… Click To Tweet

If you are serving an industry niche, then all the better, as a series of blog posts or site articles targeted to things that are important to that niche, will build your reputation faster than years of networking and trade shows.

Once you have a good series of articles and posts, you can turn that same content into a whitepaper, which you can use as a lead magnet download on your website, to build your list of prospects.

Then, it’s only a short hop to turn that whitepaper into the script or basis for an automated webinar.

See how the flow of repurposing goes? You work your material one little piece at a time, and migrate it to the next channel in your marketing program.

Using your internal files to generate content is easy and time saving. You have already thought through the question when you were solving your clients need. No matter what industry or trade your client is in, the chances are that other businesses in that industry or trade will have the same or similar questions, and seeing that you jave the knowledge of their niche can only enhance your reputation.

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