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Put Your Practice Building on Autopilot With Reverse Marketing Strategies

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Imagine having clients seek you out rather than you going out and soliciting their business. By putting your practice building program on autopilot, you are essentially able to “reverse” your marketing and eliminate cold calling or working to convince anyone to do business with you. They come to you because they already want to do business with you.

Reverse Marketing is using a process designed to get a steady stream of clients to contact you instead of you soliciting their business. There are a variety of techniques you can use to create new and profitable engagements, week-in and week-out.

Reverse Marketing makes the entire process truly enjoyable. Imagine what it would be like to have clients come to you pre-qualified, knowing that they want and need your services.

Imagine how much more pleasurable it will be to work only with clients who are cooperative and appreciative of the services you provide. All of this, and more, is waiting for you when you learn how to apply a few simple practice development strategies to your own business.

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What precisely is Reverse Marketing? It’s a practice development strategy developed to help accountants, bookkeepers, health care workers, lawyers and others professionals learn how to market their professional services effectively. With Reverse Marketing, you don’t go out hunting for clients – they come to you. Not only do they come to you – they send their friends and associates to you.

Does that sound like your kind of practice development plan? The keys to the Reverse Marketing strategy for practice development are a few simple facts that marketing professionals accept as a given.

  1. People buy professional services from people that they like.
  2. People buy professional services from people that they trust.
  3. People recommend professionals that they like and trust to others with whom they do business.

This may come as a surprise to you if you believed – as you’ve been taught – that people buy professional services from the most qualified professional. Here’s a simple fact for you, and you can confirm it by asking any business owners that you know.

The first step that most business owners take when they need to hire a professional is to ask their associates for recommendations.

That, in a nutshell, is one of the most important things for you to know about Reverse Marketing. You already have in your possession one of the most effective practice development tools you can find anywhere – your own client list. By effectively using your own client list as a source of referrals, you can increase your business profitability exponentially.

Not only are your existing customers your best source of referrals for new clients, they’re also your best market for your services. Remember that practtice building isn’t only abou finding and acquiring new clients. New business is new business, whether it comes from an existing client or a new one. All in all, it’s far more cost effective to market your professional services to the clients who are already paying you!

Try this one simple, effective practice building strategy to see how this works. Choose one of your professional services that you’d like to promote. Go through your client list and create a mailing list of all those who are not currently using that service. Now sit down and write an explanation of the benefits that they will see if they DO purchase that service from you. Be sincere, use easy to understand language and invite them to call for more details.

Because that letter is going to people who already know and trust you, it will be up to ten times more effective than a similar letter sent to businesses that have never heard of you.

Reverse Marketing consists of dozens of little practice building techniques and tips like the one above that allow you to capitalize on what you do best to bring in customers who are ready to do business, and ready to do business with you.

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