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Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Amazon sure hopes you are, as the eCommerce and cloud computing company signed a contract with the NFL to stream “Thursday Night Football” games for the upcoming season.

Previously, Twitter, which originally signed a deal back in April 2016, with the NFL to stream “Thursday Night Football” games, reported an average viewership of 2.8 million, with a high of 3.1 million during the Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs game.

Sports streaming continues to be a niche activity for most consumers.

According to Fluent, which conducted a survey at the start of the 2016 season, 87% said a television was the device they typically watched football games. However, if Amazon intends to achieve success streaming NFL games, Sean Cullen, EVP of product and technology at Fluent, says the company will need boost viewership of the NFL games across mobile, tablet, and computer devices.

There are four reasons Amazon may be able to accomplish this goal.

The number one reason is that Amazon is a veritable marketing machine, The company has a presence at almost every level of online marketing, and is poised to turn this marketing ability into a promotional tool for any product or service it wishes to promote.

Amazon has customer data that they can use their state of the art filtering system to develop a reminder or recommender system to promote the streaming service to anyone who visits Amazon.com who matches the profile they see as their target market.

Amazon is already successful at streaming, and is now the third most streamed online service behind Netflix and YouTube. They also have the hardware infrastructure in position to deliver the content.

Amazon is already successful at streaming, and is now the third most streamed online Click To Tweet

Every one of these competitive advantages are what effective Rainmakers at small and medium accounting and tax firms have at their disposal.

Effective Rainmakers are veritable marketing machines. They are constantly refining and testing their channels, services and offers. The monitor their referral network and select only the most productive relationships to nurture and harvest. For a Rainmaker, marketing is the very essence of success.

Effective Rainmakers also know their market. They understand and can quantify every aspect of their target market, from how large the universe is, to the particular profile of needs and wants of their target user profile.

Effective Rainmakers deliver top quality services and strive to exceed customer expectations. They deliver on time, early if possible. The exceed expectations. And, their client base has a large number of enthusiatic advocates.

And, an effective Rainmaker has the systems and procedures built into their practice that will enable them to scale their practice with no disruption.

An effective Rainmaker will earn your clients if you don’t have all of these four attributes. Do you?

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