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Referral Networks That Get You Accounting Clients

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Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to build your referral network in a way that will grow your practice and improve your lifestyle.

Okay, that sounded a bit like ‘Mission Impossible’ didn’t it?

But, that’s why I wrote this in-depth post: to help you build momentum for your practice, drive organic traffic to your website without ranking highly in Google, discover new sources of leads and clients, and improve your brand.

Time is a finite, precious resource. So, if you want outstanding results for your practice, you have to stay focused.

Networking with peers and others in your community, can, of course, increase your referrals. But, I’m going to discuss, in detail, how to accomplish that, in the privacy of your own home office and give you some specific examples of practitioners who have benefited from internet traffic.

So, if you want to grow your lead base, you should consider following the steps below. They work so well that I’ve seen practitioners increase their prospect base by 77%, in 90 days, by executing these same steps.

Step #1: Guest blog on niche or industry blogs

Publishing valuable content is one of the most effective ways to score attention from search engines such as Google and Bing.

But what about publishing content off your website to drive more website traffic your way?

Top level practitioners have been known to achieve tremendous success with guest blogging. Trust me, most of the people who claim that guest blogging doesn’t work haven’t really been doing it – or at least haven’t been doing it correctly. However, if you want it to work, you’ve got to guest blog on the right blogs.

You can build quality links through guest blogging when you focus on user intent and build only links that will enhance the user’s experience. The thing that I love about guest blogging is that you’ll start generating tremendous search traffic through long-tail keywords.

If you want guest blogging to work for you, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

Ann Smarty listed 8 brands that have benefited from guest blogging, including Intel and Evernote. Contributors naturally link to their landing pages, thus sending referral traffic and inbound links.

So, how do you find the right blogs to pitch your guest post idea to? Start with Google and dive deep.

Here’s how Ann did it: She entered her main keyword (e.g. “tax tips” or “tax strategies”) + “submit guest post” or one of the following phrases, in quotation marks into the Google Search bar:

  • “submission guidelines”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “submit guest post”
  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “submit content”
  • “guest post”
  • “want to write”
  • “write for us”
  • “add a post”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “guest post by”
  • “submit your post”
If you’re looking to attract clients, focus instead on blogs that your target audience frequently reads, whether those blogs are in your industry or not. Click To Tweet

Generally, you want to identify industry blogs that publish content on topics similar to your own. You can find these blogs at AllTop.com. However, if you’re looking to attract clients, focus instead on blogs that your target audience frequently reads, whether those blogs are in your industry or not.

But, for getting referral traffic, niche or industry blogs should be your primary targets.

It would take a lot of time to research individual industry blogs. Instead, check out Michelle Golden’s compilation of the best accounting blogs. There are hundreds of niche accounting and tax blogs listed there.

Make sure that the blog that you want to write for has a sizable audience of active, enthusiastic and responsive readers. In 2013, I was merely mentioned in a guest post on the American Express site, and generated an impressive amount of referral traffic and new subscribers to this site.

Another simple, but effective way to find authority blogs for your guest post and to drive referral traffic is to search for sites a popular expert has contributed to in the past. I was introduced to this strategy recently by Hitendra R. Patil after commenting on an article he wrote for Accounting Today. Hitendra and began to talk and he sggested that I should submit a book proposal based on some work I had previously done and was releasing through Practice Builder Publishing. This method works better than any other strategy or tool that I’ve ever used.

So, for example, I know that Hitendra writes guest posts on accountancy marketing for Accounting Today. If I can pinpoint the other blogs he’s been featured on, I can pitch similar topics and headlines to the blog owner.

Here’s what I will do:

Go to Google search and plug in this search query: “Guest post by Hitendra R. Patil” (do it with quotes to get a more targeted result). Your search results will be for all of the authority blogs that published a guest post from Hitendra:

Remember that guest blogging everywhere may not drive significant referral traffic for you. Instead, you’ve got to map out a pitching strategy that will get the A-list and high-traffic blogs to say “yes.”

Also, you can build your practice brand faster, increase the trust that readers have in you and increase search traffic by writing well-researched and data-driven guest articles.

Once your guest article has been published, actively respond to comments and promote the hell out of the content, to drive more visitors and readers to your site.

Join us here at Practice Builder Publishing and become a part of the community, whether you become a contributing author, a peer recruiter, or merely a raving devotee of the Practice Builder Publishing resources, I'll work with you personally so you can reach the goals you set.

Best to you and yours,




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