This Old Podcast – Introducing Chris Groote

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This week we talk with another of our long term friends, copywriter Chris Groote, about what accountants and tax professionals can do as far as developing content for practice marketing and promotion.

Chris and I first met a couple of years ago when I was testing copywriters for the Practice Builder Publishing “Done For You” automated marketing emails. I thought his work was pretty good, so I kept using him. It turned out he was great, so I kept using him. I didn’t know how lucky I was to get someone of his stature until a bit later when I discovered who some of his copywriting clients were. His list of clients is impressive, and you have probably heard of a few of them.

Tune in to the podcast (near the bottom of the page), and meet Chris. The call lasts just over twenty minutes, and is well worth it.

If you decide you want to talk to him about your own content needs, plop your name and email into this form and Chris will get in touch with you.

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