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Accountants Find Long Content Webpages Get Readers

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Accounting firms are among the top beneficiaries of a new study detailing the results of a study on the impact of consolidating individual website pages into authoritative long-format content.

Long-format content is identified as a page containing enough information to be a “one-stop-shop” for information about the firm and the services it offers. The long form content serves as a comprehensive practice area resource, as opposed to dividing information across multiple pages in a practice known as “deep linking.”

The study examined search results and website traffic for multiple long-format pages at different intervals after publication – at one month, three months and six months.

“Long-form pages perform well in search results because they serve the needs of consumers,” said Dan Goldstein, president of Page 1 Solutions, in Golden, Colorado. “Users don’t go to Google and all search the same phrase to find a solution, so it makes sense for practitioners to broaden their search marketing to take advantage of the semantic variations presented by actual consumer search.”

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The case study revealed both the traditional and newfangled benefits of long-format pages for a website’s search marketing.

Each long-format page on the firm’s website enjoyed exposure for approximately 45 to 140 actual consumer search queries, as well as superior rankings for high-level keyword phrases. Pages also saw a boost in traffic after their long-format rewrites – notably a 287 percent increase in visitors to one page and 688 percent more visitors to another within 90 days.

Other studies have shown that long form content is also shared through Twitter and Facebook up to 900% more than shorter posts. Ultimately, greater visibility in search results and more visitors to the website increases the potential for more leads.

According to Search Engine Journal, studies on Google ranking factors find that top-ranking Web pages have word counts of 1,000 or more. The latest study provides a real example of the benefits of long-format content not only in search results, but in actual traffic to the website as well.

While many accountants balk at the idea of writing for the web, and resort to “Done For You” services, such as the simple automated email marketing system offered at Practice Builder Publishing, more aggressive marketers are enhancing their web presence by “repurposing” content.

One simple repurposing system that Practice Builder Publishing followers use is to publish answers to client questions as web content. The process they follow is to first carefully note the clients questions, and then to prepare a well written custom answer specifically for the client.

Once they have provided the client with the answer to their question, their next step is to rewrite the information into the form of an article or report, making sure that there is no client specific information, and that the client cannot be identified from the content.

After rewriting the information into a generic article or report, making sure that all relevant information is covered, and that site visitors not only have their questions answered, but are able to understand how to contact the practitioner for help with their particular situation, the article is posted to the website.

Articles that generate traffic for the website range from 1,000 words to as much as 2,400 words, with 1,700 words being the most optimal.

One important point to keep in mind is to write for scanability. The typical web visitor only reads 28% of a page’s content. However, no matter what the topic is, it should not be written just for length. The article should contain what is necessary to get the point across, no more, no less.

Source: Page 1 Solutions

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