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Short On Time?

Let Practice Builder Publishing
handle your email marketing,
while you take all the credit!


Email marketing

Everyone says you need to be doing it, but with all the detail of monthly writeup, tax season deadlines, or handling the needs of some grumpy clients, you just don’t have the time to write, proof and schedule a regular weekly email newsletter.

If you are a member of, or a subscriber to Practice Builder Publishing, we will write and email a weekly, branded and personalized, email newsletter, to your list of subscribers.

We’ll even give you a good looking subscription form, which you can add to your website, and which will automatically add your prospects to your email list, each time someone visits your site and signs up to receive your newsletter, whether you just offer the newsletter, or entice them with some sort of bonus, such as a free small business management e-workbook, labeled to show you as the author, a free consultation, or even a free vacation in Tahiti (Yeah, we’re kidding about the vacation in Tahiti, but you get the idea).

Weekly Email Newsletters
With A Personal Touch.

Your newsletters are your newsletters. They are branded with your name and practice information, just as you instruct us in your practice profile. Prospects will see your name, your practice name, your practice address and phone number, as well as up to three special offers or messages you might want to include.

Want to change a message, offer or advertisement? Just log into your Practice Builder Publishing membership account, navigate to your custom adverts page and add or change whatever you want your current insert to say, and “Voila,” your offer or message will be included in your newsletter broadcasts until you’re ready to delete or change it.

Simple, Easy, Branded, Personalized And Time Saving

In the accounting business, time is money. We polled practitioners, and the average hourly billing rates range from $65 an hour to $500 an hour. We also found that it can take from two to eight hours to write a single well written newsletter each week.

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Your Practice Builder Publishing subscription of $37 a month costs less than one-half hour of the lowest average hourly practitioner’s billing rate we found. Imagine how much your savings are when you are getting a fresh, professionally written, newsletter each week, plus, all the other benefits that come with your Practice Builder Publishing membership subscription. Benefits such as a monthly print ready client newsletter, pre-written speeches, seminar instructor guides, private label workbooks and publications, and more.

Compare this to doing your own newsletter, where you have to do your own newsletter writing, posting to an autoresponder script, scheduling and setting up broadcasts which can easily add up to several hundred dollars per month in lost productive time. Also, if you are hosting your own autoresponder, there are the software or script licenses, plus additional hosting fees. If you are using an autoresponder service such as Aweber or Constant Contact, your costs could easily top several hundred dollars per month.

These are hours and money that you save through your subscription membership in Practice Builder Publishing, while at the same time keeping an open line of quality, on-time communications open with your clients.

Proven Results At A Lower Cost.

The biggest single reason clients leave an accounting services provider is a lack of communication. If you don’t stay in touch with your client, they don’t feel as if you appreciate them.

Your best tool is the telephone, followed by a regular, personal, first class, letter.


Both of those take your personal time,
your billable time.

With the many demands of a practice pulling you in all directions, you just don’t have the time to make a personal phone call or write a personal letter to each client or prospect, while a professionally written client newsletter can keep the channels of communication open, and ease your need to phone or write each client or prospect on a regular basis.

Remember, you can get this and all the other Practice Builder Publishing benefits for only $37 per month. So join today, improve your marketing, and save big!



Get Immediate Access To Your
“Done For You”
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And, Don’t Forget Our Exclusive
Thirty Day “Evergreen” Guarantee

If at any time, you’re not happy with what you’re getting, simply cancel your subscription and send me a request for a refund. You will promptly get a refund of your last subscription payment … The past Thirty days! This guarantee is good for the life of your membership, no matter how long it has been since you joined! Plus, you get to keep everything you’ve downloaded, including the month you get your refund!