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Thinking Of Starting Your Own Bookkeeping, Accounting, Consulting or Tax Practice?


Does A Million Dollar Practice
Sound Good?


First, let’s get a little housekeeping done. Let me tell you who I am, and how I can help you build that million dollar practice.

My name is Kirk Ward. I’m retired, a former Enrolled Agent (EA) and the author of the first Special Enrollment Examination Review Course published by MicroMash (now a division of Thomson-Reuters). During the 1980’s and 1990’s, I started, built and sold four successful bookkeeping practices across the Southeastern part of the United States. Before that, in the 1970’s, and again in the early 2000’s, I was an Asset Based Loan (ABL) Auditor and Field Examiner for some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the world. I am insatiably curious, and love the discovery of new techniques and systems.

In 2006, after three halfhearted attempts at retiring, I finally got serious and retired from accounting and auditing. Only thing was, I immediately got bored, again. So, in 2007, I took all of the stuff I had used in marketing my own accounting services, scanned it into an electronic format and turned it into stuff for sale to accountants just like you, who were trying to get their marketing programs started.

That’s when I realized that even though the stuff I had used was great
(actually, some of it was really great), my subscribers needed more.


It’s not your fault, you see. It’s because when you went to college to learn accounting, the instructors were training you to go to work for some large firm. They weren’t teaching you how to start and run your own accounting practice. Think about it. How many independent practitioners do you know who fund chairs at your Alma Mater? College “Perfessers” are just like everyone else. They follow the money.

While You Were At University,
Did You Ever Take A Single Course On
How To Market Your Own Accounting Services?

I’ll bet, dollars to donuts, that any training you’ve had in accountancy marketing, has been hit or miss. I don’t care whether you got it from your association’s library or resources, from a book you bought off Amazon, or from one of the established accountancy marketing gurus. I’ll bet every one of them gave you a simple “out of the box” system for selling your bookkeeping, accounting, tax or consulting services, that may or may not have worked for you.

It’s because every one of them, every single one, was teaching you, or using, a sales or marketing tactic with no relationship to your desired or actual business strategy. Plus, when you selected that “off the shelf” method, or used the “system” taught by that successful guru, there was no way they could take into consideration any of the capabilities built into your firm and your business model.

I don’t give a rat’s hair what they called it. Chances are 99 and 99/100 percent that what you learned or used was a tactic, not a strategy.

And, Implementing Tactics That Don’t Fit With Your Strategy,
Well, That’s Just Plain Dumb.

That is, if you even have a strategy beyond “Get some clients.”

So, when I realized that my clients and subscribers were downloading my material, and not using it properly, or even at all, I realized I was not doing them any favors. They needed to know how to use the tools and resources they were downloading.

That’s when I decided to put together some guidance on how to use the materials on the Instant Practice Builder site.

I told you I was curious.
And, my momma (Lord rest her soul) told me I was smart.

Well, if I had been smart,
I would have just sold the stuff, and not gotten so curious.


You see, I started doing some internet research, looking for ideas that would help me write a simple set of instructions for how an accountant would use pre-written reports and articles, pre-written classes and seminars, pre-written speeches and more. You know all that stuff I had used in building my own practices.

And, as I dug, the more and more original research I saw, in the form of Doctoral and Master’s Theses, and Professorial Research Papers . . . the more I realized that what ordinarily passes for accountancy marketing has about as much in common with strategic marketing as a wax candle has in common with a fluorescent lightbulb.

They Are Both Weak, And Burn Out Quickly.

It means that if you simply start using the latest and greatest marketing tactic . . . you know, that system you just bought, without being sure it fits with your strategy, you’re putting the horse before the cart. And then, you are doomed to a life of ever increasing client churn, and thinner and thinner margins.

In other words, you are totally up against a wall.

So, the more of this research that I read,
the more fascinated I became with what I was discovering.

I discovered the true origin of strategy, and it ain’t from the Greeks. And, even though none of those high falutin’ professor types I researched can decide on a definition of strategy, I give you one, that works. I discovered Porter’s four generic marketing strategies and refined them specifically for marketing accountancy services.

I was introduced to Alex Oesterwalder and Ash Murya and their versions of the Business Model Canvas. I learned how to take their breakthrough concept and create the “Rainmaker’s Business Model Canvas.”

I read about the Kano House of Quality. I discovered how a variant called the A-Kano Model can be used to define services you can offer that will give you an edge over your competition.

I found where a couple of folks named Nino and Perez identified the categories of Strategic and Non-Strategic Resources, and how knowing which resources you really need in your practice helps you ace your competition.

And that was just the beginning ….

After three years of research, reading over two thousand research papers, drawing on material from over four hundred of those papers, I was able to develop two preliminary training programs for my subscribers. The “Plan B” course and the “Plan B” workshop were born. And now, from those modest beginnings, this complete training program, the “Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course,” is born.

I said three years of pure research, study and writing!

I studied, wrote, studied some more, and discovered that everything I had learned about marketing accounting services was pure hogwash. It is a miracle any accountancy marketing worked at all. And, it isn’t long before most all of them peter out, leaving you scrambling for the newest scheme or method. Still struggling to reduce client churn and stay one step ahead of your competition.

And, It’s Even Worse Today!

Especially as more and more competitors flood the market. Competitors, who went to the same school or college that you did, and who have the same technical skills you have. And, who, probably are being forced out into their own practices as those big companies that college trained them for, fold, one after another.

But what if there was a way to know what strategy to use? How to structure your practice for success? How to choose and implement the correct tactics for your practice?

What if that method showed you how to know what your competitor’s next move would be, and how to stay so far ahead of them that they could never catch up?

What if you knew how to identify your prime target market? What if you knew how to tailor your services to meet their needs in a way that had them flocking to you in droves, shutting your competition out?

That is what the “Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course” can give you.

A complete understanding of accountancy marketing. From selecting the correct strategy for your market, to building the business model that will help you deliver your services to your market, and to the selection of the correct tactics for implementing your strategy.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is not just another generic course or how-to guide on accountancy marketing.
This is a game-changer.

Think about it.

Ninety core lesson sessions, twenty breakthrough worksheet concepts and fifteen out of the box tactics and tools that give you the ability to design your own customized ultimate accountancy marketing program.

Designed for you, your practice, and for your market.

In this course, I’ll tell you where strategy comes from, what it is, and how knowing this will help you dominate your market. I’ll show you how to identify a market or a niche, a quick way to select the best strategy for that market, and how to identify the needs and wants of the prospects in that market.

You Must Dominate

Not just exist, but dominate.

You either dominate, or you wither away into oblivion.

You’ll discover why, in the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course.

And, You’ll Get The Tools You Need To Dominate.


  • You’ll get worksheets you can use to build your strategy and your marketing plan at every step along the way. Worksheets for designing your “value proposition,” and worksheets for turning your value proposition into an irresistible offer.

  • You’ll get worksheets for identifying your direct competitors (easy), your potential competitors (not so easy), and your indirect competition (people and things you may not expect).

  • You’ll learn how direct marketers have used RFM to identify their best customers, and how you can use LSRP to identify your best customers, and categorize them with the BCG matrix as Stars, Cash Cows, Question Marks, and Dogs.

  • Forget about Chris Anderson and the “Long Tail” of the internet. You’ll learn how to use the IDUC scoring to identify the “Tall Head” of services in your portfolio.

And you know what, I’ve only told you about some of the material covered in the first half of the course on strategy and business models. I haven’t even started talking about generic tactics, and procedures. That’s the second half.

And yes, I do give you a worksheet for selecting and designing the correct tactics to use with your strategy and business model. So, all that money you’ve invested in those other courses may not be wasted after all.

Like I said,

This Course Is A

Game Changer!

The knowledge you will gain, the worksheets and resources you get, the ideas and concepts, are all new and most have never been seen before.

You know that SWOT analysis you do for your clients? The one the SBA teaches in all its training courses? I’ll turn it on end with the TOWS matrix from Heinz Weirich which I adapted for accountancy marketing.

It’a new marketing year, and the enrollment tuition is only $497. Our target price is $897, so enroll today and lock in the reduced price.

Go ahead, click the “Enroll Now” button below, and get started today!