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What’s Your
Back End?


I’m sure you’ve heard it,
what’s your added value?


Then wondered what to offer, or charge?


Stuck in a rut?

Spend all your time on low margin, high pressure work?

Just like you, I struggled to come up with services I could offer to my existing clients. Especially to 1040 only clients. Folks who come in for their annual tax return preparation, and then disappear for the next eleven months.
Now There is A Solution!
An Immediate
And Foolproof solution!

What if it was possible to get paid for marketing your services . . ?

Every day you struggle to find the next big marketing trick or tactic, and you’re willing to pay a fortune for the smallest questionable marketing campaign that that question probably has you wondering what you’ve been missing.

Think for a moment about the lessons you’ve learned from the old Direct Mail pros, and the development of the ‘self liquidating’ promotion. Stay with me for a bit and discover how an old marketing idea has been simplified for today’s bookkeeping, accounting and tax professionals.

All right. So, exactly what is a
self liquidating promotion?

In its simplest form, a self liquidating promotion is one where the revenues from the sale of a promotional product pay for the cost of the entire marketing program. In other words, there is a zero marketing cost!

So, in a self liquidating promotion you would be SELLING the information that the taxpayer needs to know in order for them to realize the full value of your services . . . information that you are probably currently delivering for free!

Instead of trying to push home the information onto a taxpayer, and making it a hard sell, why not go offer them information on how to get something they want, TAX SAVINGS, and sell complete how-to information and instructions in form of a special report?

“Oh,” you may say, “but I am not an author…”

You don’t have to be one.

You don’t have to write a single word to start utilizing the power of publishing special reports in your marketing. You just have to understand the principle of a self liquidating promotion and decide to go for it.

I will explain how to do this further down the page. But before that, it’s vital that you understand everything.

I’m guessing that ninety percent of your clients who are hit with a smaller refund, or a higher tax bill, will ask you how they can save on taxes. Maybe, one hundred percent?

Now, you can move each and every one of those clients along in your marketing funnel with a “starter report.”

A starter report is a very special form of publication, used in marketing your firm and services.

A starter report is so called because it STARTS the client on to their next phase, that of a year round client in need of ongoing advice and tax planning. It is the first item you sell in what is known as the client sales funnel.

It’s not your premiere or principal tax services that you will be selling to the taxpayer at this point, but one that’s intended to be sold FIRST in order to give a sample of your knowledge and service attitude.

Obviously, when dealing with a higher income taxpayer, it’s much easier to sell them a manual costing what one or two hours of your time would be worth, than to get them to sign up for your services for years to come.

A starter report is a great way to start communicating with existing clients about your additional services. It’s not necessarily the same product you would use with prospects, or those rare clients who contact you and have already decided tthey need your concierge services.

But to move those existing clients you do have along the sales funnel to your top end premier and concierge services, a starter report may be exactly what you need.

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Instead of trying to get taxpayers to purchase additional services, why not offer them a low-cost GUIDE on how to generate thousands of dollars in legal tax free income annually?

You know, if they really find out how much tax free income they could generate each year, they’re going to want to stay with you and have you implement the system, and then move on to tax planning or other concierge services you offer.

That’s the starting point that the strategy of this starter report self liquidating promotion is based on.

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