Discover How To Open Doors And Make Money With Your Own Payroll Service

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Payroll Marketing For 2016!


Get Your Copy Today!

Now, prepare for the 2016 payroll marketing season, the PayClerk® Marketing System is now ready for immediate download! Get this one-of-a-kind payroll marketing system for only $197! It contains powerful systems you can use to immediately kickstart your payroll practice and enhance your bookkeeping and accounting practice.

Start building your practice, capitalizing on services you already offer. The PayClerk® Marketing System gives you all the systems and tools you need to start your payroll marketing for 2016! And, it’s only $197!

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The techniques you’ll find in the PayClerk® Payroll Marketing System are tried and true. They worked for me until the day I retired, and they’ll work for you today. And, with your complete system only $197, you’ll get the most up to date payroll marketing tips and tricks used by payroll marketers to every major industry and profession.

What Is The PayClerk® System?

Every day, ordinary people with no experience or training, are using the PayClerk® Marketing System to start their own payroll business, from scratch, without spending a dime for software! You can too if you get yours now!

You can have your own Professional business, with no inventory to buy, no product to stock, no employees, and no pressuring customers. A business that can be set up with no deliveries to make, and that you can operate from home, without any special training or prior experience.

Most professionals spend years of study acquiring the skills that
you can have available to you through this simple system.

This system is not another “how-to” manual. This is an exclusive process that is revolutionizing an entire industry. A guaranteed money making system you can put on auto-pilot to generate a lifetime of profits.

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With this system, you will get the breakthrough back office system that will allow you to become a respected professional in a prestigious field, using the same advanced, inside secrets those large (And highly profitable) corporations use to rake in BILLIONS of dollars!

Payroll processing is estimated to be a $15 billion industry, with less than one-third of the market potential even close to being tapped. You can start getting your share immediately, with no staff to hire, no office to rent, and no software to buy.

Joining PayClerk is like putting a
Paycheck in your Pocket!

PayClerk is the only back office system designed for regular people like you. A system that lets you start your own professional business while you keep your current job. A system that let’s you concentrate on the most important part, building your business!

Don’t miss out on the beginnings of a ground breaking change in a serious industry, get your copy of the system now, and start building your business immediately! You could be collecting your first fees next week!

Owning A Payroll Service!

Industry statistics show that a typical payroll client will have 14 employees, and average 31 payroll periods per year. They will stay with a payroll service provider for 4 to 5 years generating over $3,906 in revenue from that one easy sale. If you also offer bookkeeping or accounting services, the addition of payroll processing to services you provide can double the life of an average client. The average for professionals who offer more than one client service is 10 years!

How many small businesses do you know that could use your service? Ten, twenty? Generating four to five new clients per month could produce over $100,000 in annual revenue for YOUR practice.

Interested? Take a look at this breakthrough system.

Afraid of making a mistake? Compare the PayClerk® Marketing System to every payroll service bureau software system currently on the market. You’ll find it works with every one of them!

The PayClerk® Marketing System integrates with all of the professional payroll systems on the market, full blown commercial systems designed for multi-client processing service bureaus and not just the clumsy small business bookkeeping systems that you may be familiar with that may include a payroll check writing feature.

What Do You Get When You Join?

Imagine being able to sign up your first client and then take them a complete package of employee and payroll tax checks, along with tax and accounting reports, the very next day! Afraid of being left alone with no support? The PayClerk® system supports your marketing and practice building efforts all the way. Get yours today!

Join Today!

Start building your practice with the classic tools and systems in the PayClerk® Marketing System for only $197! Just click the button below to join and start learning how to build your practice today.