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Become An Asset Based Loan Auditor

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Need A Niche? Need A Specialty?

Are you “Just Another Bookkeeping Service?”

If you’re tired of knocking on doors and making presentations only to wind up competing on price to get a client that isn’t going to appreciate your work, then I have a solution for you. I’m going to show you a niche where you can earn as much in a week as an individual, doing freelance audits or field examinations, as many accountants make in an entire month!

Learn A Niche That Prospers During A Recession,
And Stays Up In Good Times!

Every time you turn on the TV these days, you hear how banks aren’t lending, that capital is drying up. Do you think all those small businesses just shrivel up and die, without a fight?

No, they find the “Lender of Last Resort,” and secure an Asset Based Loan.

They pledge everything they have as collateral, including liquid assets such as accounts receivable and inventory.

If you’re familiar with Asset Based Lending, then you know that it has probably the most labor intensive monitoring process of any financial product on the market. And, one of the most critical parts of that monitoring process is the Field Examination or Audit.

Field Examiners (Auditors) are like the detectives of the financial world. Half forensic auditor, half fraud examiner, and half financial analyst. As a field examiner, you’ll be responsible for letting the banker know the collateral actually exists, is sufficient to meet loan covenants, and can be liquidated under the UCC in order to pay down the loan.

There Are No Established Credentials Required
In Order To Become An ABL Field Auditor!

Of course being a CPA, an EA or a CFE, is an asset, but it’s not required. If you know how to perform an examination that will protect the banks position, then you are qualified.

But, you must know how to perform these audits, and they’re not anything like what you were taught in school. The tests are different, the sampling is different, the reliance is different, and the documents are different. Forget all the FASB, GAAP and SARS stuff. Forget IFRS. Bankers want to know if the accounts receivable are real, and if they’re collectible. They want to know if the inventory is real, and if it can be liquidated. They want to know what the financial trends have been, if the borrower is staying within their covenants, and if they are receiving what is owed to them.

I’m Going To Teach You How To Perform These ABL Audits!

My name is Kirk Ward, and in over 15 years of private practice, I built and sold four accounting practices, learning a lot about what to do and what not to do along the way. But what you may not know is that many, many, years ago, before I built those practices, I had a career as an Asset Based Lending Field Examiner!

It involved a lot of travel. But, even in those days as an employee, I found myself at a higher salary level than most of the folks I graduated with. About 50% higher.

I worked in that field through two recessions, during each recession, ABL business was booming. I have over fifteen years of experience as an Asset Based Loan Field Examiner. I have enough experience in the field, that if you can learn, I can teach you how to perform these audits.


ABL Book Cover

When Times Get Tough, ABL Starts Loaning!

ABL was booming during the downturn after the dot-com bust!

Yes, during the last downturn, after I sold my fourth office, and just before my Social Security checks started coming in, ABL kicked off again and I was called out of retirement by a contract auditing firm for a short stint “on the road.”

Even after I started sitting on my duff collecting those giant checks the government sends out, I kept getting an occasional call to do an audit, and I went, because I made almost as much in one day as my Social Security check amounted to each month. And, when you include report writing time, these days a typical gig lasts from five to seven days. Put that in your calculator and add it! Not bad for a one person business.


There’s A Dynamic Opportunity Here!

We’re in the middle of a recession caused by bankers not monitoring their portfolio’s. And, the one part of their portfolio that really needed monitoring was Asset Based Loans! ABL loans are typically audited every three months, sometimes every six months, but most absolutely every year. Contract auditors are being asked to do examinations on loans that banks have not examined in years!

The economy is in the tank and bankers are in a squeeze. The regulators are demanding that they get the examinations done, but the board is telling them to cut expenses. And, about the only place they can cut back while still getting the audits done, is on their travel expense. So, they’re looking for freelance auditors and examiners in remote locations all across the country. If they can pay mileage instead of an airfare, then they can save thousands on each loan.

Want To Find These Jobs?

After having been in the industry for over fifteen years, I know many of the banks who are making the loans, and who is using freelancers. After you’ve taken my training, I can tell you which banks and what lenders can use your services anywhere in the country! Even contract audit firms are looking for regional freelance auditors.

Now Enrolling For The September 2017, Class!

Because there is no formal academic program for ABL auditors, most learn “on the job.” And, it can take years to build your skills as an ABL auditor. When I started, fresh out of college, my boss told me he didn’t expect me to become productive for two years. Two years!

If you enroll in this first of it’s kind training, I’m going to give you the knowledge to perform an ABL audit in only six weeks. Now, the six weeks will be composed of some very intensive home study, videos and audio recordings. Plus, after you successfully complete the course, I’m going to work with you one-on-one for a limited time, going over each lesson you will have covered in the course.

Save 60% If You Enroll Today!

I’m not doing this out of the generosity of my heart. This stuff is powerful, and it takes skill to do. I intend to develop a powerful training program for folks who want to break into this little known niche, and my target tuition is a whopping $997.

Because you will be part of one of the first classes, I will be handholding you every step of the way, making sure you know everything I know. I want to be so confident of your ability when I recommend you to the bankers I know, that they will begin sending their new hires to me for training. I want my graduates to be in demand when they complete my training. And, a good testimonial won’t hurt either!

If you sign up today, not only will you get trained in this exciting specialty for the ridiculously low tuition of only $397, but after the class is finished, you’ll continue to get all the email mentoring you need for the low subscription price of only $47 a month.

That’s something on the order of an 60% discount on your tuition, plus a lifetime of guidance for next to nothing! Your mentoring subscription does not start until after the class is over, and you can cancel any time, even before it starts!

No more hype, no more pitch. Just a recap of the facts …

  • The ABL industry is virtually recession proof.
  • Banks are looking for auditors close to their borrowers.
  • Freelance auditors are WELL compensated
  • Train on your own schedule
  • You can save 60% if you enroll today

Sign up now!