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Accountancy Marketing Grows Up!

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salesman-233x300I hope my first post gave you some idea of the genesis of Practice Builder Publishing, and an idea of where we hope it is headed.

So, as you look around at the content on the home page, and click through the links to see what the courses and resources are like, it might help if you had some sort of guide to what we have here, so far.

I say “so far” because this new format is designed to let us grow, and I do hope you’ll join in with us.

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First of all, you need to understand that because I have been retired for so long, I am totally deficient in any knowledge or experience in current tax matters or accounting board pronouncements. If any product on this site purports to impart tax law or accounting regulation knowledge, the expert will be the author, not little ‘ol me.

As we take our foray into the world of publishing, the focus of the products and services on Practice Builder Publishing is marketing. It is the “Practice Builder” part of the “Publishing” that we focus on.

Don’t get me wrong.

If a qualified developer or author comes to us with a product or book that we think our market needs and wants, we’ll try to offer it. Not because we want to be technical, but as the sentence says, ” we think our market needs and wants” it. It’s what you, our target market need and want.

Meanwhile, this foray still draws on our roots, and the basics of what we call “Rainmaker” marketing, which focuses on the development of the image of the practitioner as a knowledgeable expert.

Being a knowledgeable expert is the cornerstone of building a successful and high value practice.

In its most simplistic form, Rainmaker marketing requires that a practitioner develop third party endorsement, whether in the form of an implicit endorsement when being quoted in media or published in some form by a third party, or an explicit endorsement in the form of a direct referral or even an invitation to speak at a local event.

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Pulling from Instant Practice Builder, Practice Builder Publishing has the tools to help you achieve both implicit and explicit endorsements. Tools like:

  1. Pre-written speeches and presentations for when you get to speak at a local event. We also have marketing materials to help you wrangle that invitation to speak and get that explicit endorsement.
  2. Pre-written books and workbooks which you can label as your own, using us as your ghostwriter and our private label arm, “Experts Press,” as your implied endorser. Basically, we become your publisher and your ghostwriter.
  3. Instructor guides and course materials you can use to start and develop your own small business academy. Just add a classroom at a local community college to get your explicit endorsement. Can’t get that, then just use your own conference room and get the implicit endorsement that comes with being an instructor for a private group.

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We have aids that can help you with client communication: things like:

  1. Short one-page special reports on simple technical matters of interest to small business owners.
  2. Pre-written articles on small business topics, which you can use as a base to develop your own.

Or, maybe you are looking for training material to help you understand your market and select the right business model, strategy, tactics and tools for your market. We’ve got that too:

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  1. The Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course,
  2. The Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke training course, and
  3. A couple more in the works. Stuff like you can’t find anywhere else.

By the way, that Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, it is not some easy peasey step 1, step 2, step 3, marketing course. It is the equivalent of a Master’s Level course on Business Models, Strategy Selection and Design, and Tactics Selection. It also introduces you to a system of selecting the right tools for your model, strategy and tactics, reducing your risk of buying into a program that just won’t work in your market.

Speaking of the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, it goes into some pretty heavy material, including why you absolutely must dominate your market, just in order to survive, and the only choices you have as far as selecting a marketing strategy, and why there ain’t no other.

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You’ll learn about Niches and Specializations (yes, there is a difference), and we help you get started with marketing and training materials in each.

For niches, we already have these kits online, or online in the next few days (updating graphics and marketing images):

  1. The Convenience Store and Minimart Industry,
  2. The Restaurant Industry,
  3. The Building & Construction Industry,
  4. The Auto Repair & Body Shop Industry,
  5. The Daycare Industry, and
  6. The Veterinary Industry.

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For specializations, we can help you with your marketing in:

  1. Marketing To Troubled Taxpayers (Lien & Levy),
  2. Marketing Loan Packaging Services (with a HUGE list of lenders and investors),
  3. Marketing Payroll Services (and yes, this field is in turmoil right now),
  4. Marketing Cost Segregation Services (this is NOT a fad), and
  5. Performing Asset Based Loan Audits. (Okay, this is one where I do teach something technical. I was in it for fifteen years overall, and do think I was pretty good at ti. It’s a bit like detective work.)

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Our section on tactics is full of surprises.

  1. Multiple Private Label Rights manuscripts you can license and use on a continuing basis, such as niche tax books,
  2. Lightweight tools such as art for Windshield Inserts, Space Ads in local newspapers, and bundles of Postcard Graphics,
  3. Plus a couple of unique tactics that offer attention getting and publicity opportunities, the Beancounter’s Coloring Book, and the Beancounter’s Cookbook, (These are personal favorites ever since Rick let the cat out of the bag about how he used them.)
  4. Training material on how to use webinars as a practice building tool, without biting into your productive time, and
  5. How to set up and run your website for maximum effectiveness. (Meaning, how to actually get leads and clients from it.

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Then of course, we feature regular visits from guest experts to talk about how to build your practice through some technique or another. Things like building your practice through blogging, getting your website found by prospects, getting media publicity, tracking prospects reactions on incoming sales calls and much, much, more.

Our webinars have brought in experts to help you master blogging to build your practice, improving your site seo in order to get it ranked for the search terms you are targeting, master the art of getting publicity, and improving prospect conversions by monitoring staff and client interactions. We continue to invite experts to visit and share their knowledge and experience.

All this comes as one marketer after another presents you with another shiny new method for building your practice. As one guru after another promises to teach you how to really build your practice, if your just five them $60,000 and follow their advice until you run out of money. (Yes, one of our clients did just that. $80,000 and not a single client. He spent $27 with us and built a thriving practice.)

At Instant Practice Builder, and now at Practice Builder Publishing, we make the tools available to you, for you to choose from, and for you to decide which fits your market, and your business model, so that you can select the correct business strategy.

And, there’s only one way you can make that decision. It is only if you understand how to market a professional service, and what your choices are limited to.

That information can be found in the “Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course,” a “Master’s Level” course teaching everything you need to know in order to build your practice in a way that will meet the needs of your particular market and fit within the resources you have available and the business model you have chosen.

Get GREAT Results – Fast!

If you stop searching for the next magic trick, the perfect software, the “shiny object” that’s going to do all the work for you (note: it doesn’t exist)- and just focus on building & serving your market – you’ll actually start seeing GREAT results. FAST.

on the Practice Builder Publishing site, I teach everything I have learned over the years, and how you can use it effectively and efficiently, in two courses: the “Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke” training course ($27) and Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course ($497).

Both courses combined are $524. But, if you act on this offer, you can get both courses for less than half the total cost. You can get both courses, for only $224 by using the while I have the $300 off special coupon. Then you’ll not only get both courses, you’ll also get my hands-on help with building your practice every step of the way. Which quite honestly… is priceless. 🙂

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All you have to do is click this link and when you reach the order page, enter the coupon code RMPCABGOffer to get your discount. (Hint: Copy now with Ctrl-C so you can paste it in after you click the “Buy Now” button below.) Click the “Apply” button next to where you enter the coupon code, and your $300 savings will be applied. You must act immediately as the software has been set so that as of this writing, only 36 of these coupons are remaining to be used. Click the button below and order now!


I would love to see you become a part of the Practice Builder Publishing, and work with you personally to reach maximum profit potential this year! Nothing I teach or help you with damage your credibility. It will simply get you more clients and help you make more money.


Best to you and yours,


Comments (2)

  • Ah Stan, I apologize, this post is way outdated. The coupons were used up (there were only 36 of them) some time ago.

    Use the contact form at https://practicebuilderpublishing.com/contact-us and I’ll give you access to the “Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke” training course as a gift because of the confusion.

  • Kirk,
    There is ” no such coupon ” RMPCABGOffer for a $300 discount off of the total cost of Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke ($27) and Rainmaker Marking Protege Course ( $497). $524-$300 should be $224. Is someone pulling a scam on your web site? Please advise.
    Regards, Stan


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