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Yep, Another Accountancy Marketing Blog Comes Online

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About The Head Mugga Mugga

Well, that do be me. And, to begin with, I’m an old, tired and ugly retiree (Si, estoy viejo, consado y feo. Ou, granmoun cheve blan, bouke, lèd.), who spent from 1973 to 2006 in and out of auditing and accounting. Since retirement, I’ve set myself a goal of helping startup practitioners have an easier time than I did.

When I started over forty years ago, already having had a successful business career owning and operating four fast food restaurants, I was straight out of college with a degree in Accounting, and became what has come to be called an “Asset Based Loan Examiner.” After a dozen years of traveling 50 weeks each year, in 1985 I opened my first bookkeeping and accounting practice in Kennesaw, Georgia. I was green as a gourd and struggled to get clients, just as you probably do right now.

Over the next fifteen years I built and sold a total of four offices, each one getting easier to start and build than the one before. I became an EA (Enrolled Agent) and even got a chance to write a review course for the Special Enrollment Examination for a company called Micro-Mash (now a division of Thompson-Reuters).

Kirk built and sold four accounting practices before starting Practice Builder Publishing. Click To Tweet

Finally, I tried to retire. But, I got bored and for almost three more years, I returned to my roots and did some freelance auditing, all the way up until somewhere in 2006. When Social Security kicked in, I thought I’d rather sit in the backwoods of North Georgia and look out over the mountaintops, so I retired again.

That lasted for about a year.

About The Stuff

Somewhere between 2003 and 2005 I realized that all of the marketing material I was still dragging around (I’m a packrat) from when I was building my own accounting practices, still had some use, and I started building a website to make it available to startup bookkeepers and accountants.

I took all the speeches, seminars and training materials I developed in building my four accounting offices and digitized them. Subscribers to my membership site also got access to mastermind groups and brainstorming sessions, as well as direct letters, brand imaging, and other marketing materials that I had developed while sitting in the mountains of North Georgia.

About Instant Practice Builder

That’s how this stuff came to be, and how on my birthday, November 9, 2005, Instant Practice Builder started, as a service making marketing materials available as downloadable files on a subscription basis.

Instant Practice Builder started out well, and then did even better.  I got calls from major authors (among them Ford Harding, author of the best seller, “Rainmaking.”) wanting to talk, and maybe discuss joint ventures.  I even got emails from members with the same idea.

Finally did tie in with one of them, who could sell stuff faster than I could create it.  We sold a lot of books and training materials, but I got so stressed out I couldn’t manage the business, so we sort of drifted apart.  Still friends, I hope, since he still talks to me. But man, that guy could sell.

In 2009, the world fell in on Instant Practice Builder. Its membership management software crashed. Click To Tweet

Then, in 2009, the world fell in.  A software malfunction and a software developer who would not accept responsibility for the problem and fix it.  Over a period of six months trying to get the developer to take action, Instant Practice Builder lost 80% of its subscribers.  80%! As you might guess, I changed software providers (I highly recommend Digital Access Pass) I wish there was a list where I could mention the name of the software with the awful support. But, that would be tacky.).  When I did that, the developer began work on the problem.

C’est la vie.

It took a couple of years to get Instant Practice Builder back to where it was before, and amazingly, many of my former subscribers returned.  I was dumbfounded.  Talk about loyalty!  It was one of the best feelings I ever had.

About Practice Builder Publishing

Finally, after almost a decade of the Instant Practice Builder, I realized that the site had matured to the point where it needed to show the focus of what it had become, a publishing house. Well, actually, it is more of a small hut, but who am I to argue?

So, on Beltaine (May 1), 2015, Practice Builder Publishing came online.

I picked Beltaine because it is an ancient spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere that celebrates the beginning of the pastoral season. It’s one of the year’s four cross-quarter days, or day that falls more or less midway between an equinox and solstice – in this case the March equinox and June solstice. The other cross-quarter days are Groundhog Day on February 2, Lammas on August 1 and Halloween on October 31.

Practice Builder Publishing came online at the time of Beltaine, a celebration of a new season of birth and life. Click To Tweet

It is also a couple of weeks after the end of the major tax filing season (wasn’t much point in waiting for the 990 filing season to finish).  That seemed like a good time after giving the 1040 preparers a couple of weeks to unwind before they started fretting about next years marketing.

May Day also stems from the Celtic festival of Beltaine, which was related to the waxing power of the sun as we move closer to summer.  At Beltaine, people lit fires through which livestock were driven and around which people danced, moving in the same direction that the sun crosses the sky.  This was a sort of purification process preparing the cattle for open land grazing after a winter of confinement.  (I think it probably purged their hides of lice and other foul insects that had accumulated in the filth of the winter feedlot.)

So, with the idea of Beltaine as a motivator, Practice Builder Publishing is bringing the herd of training, marketing tools and resources, out of the shed of a subscription based container, into an open field where visitors can see what the resources are, and pick and choose a la carte.

Practice Builder Publishing is bringing marketing tools and resources into an open market Click To Tweet

About The Future

To put it into simple terms, Practice Builder Publishing is bringing the Instant Practice Builder resources out into the open light of day.  And, as experts begin to update and rewrite the materials I developed so many years ago, the products are getting ritually purified and cleansed.

Well, sorry to be so euphemistic, but this change from slow drip release subscription to an a la carte model is a big deal for me.  It took time to learn and go through the process of development, but there is also a want and need for instant gratification. And, as we teach in the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, your business model must reflect the needs and wants of the target market.

And, as we teach in the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, your business model must reflect the needs and wants of the target market. Click To Tweet

The model had to change, or else I wasn’t being true to my teachings.

And, new products need to be added and old products needed to be updated.

Which is why I added things like the “Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke” training course and the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course.

Why I brought in experts to update products I had created years ago.  Like Marcus Dyer, JD, a tax attorney, who is updating the Lien & Levy Marketing Manual, and the full length PLR version of “Fighting Back!”

It’s why I asked Amanda Padilla, MS, HPER, a teacher and educator with a flair for taking tax regs that I point her to and turning the details into niche industry marketing and background training materials that make local practitioners almost experts overnight.  Niche kits such as the Restaurant Marketing Kit, the Builders & Contractors Marketing Kit, The Convenience Store and Mini-Mart Marketing Kit, the Auto Repair & Body Shop Marketing Kit and the Daycare Industry Marketing Kit.

And, why I’ve joined with Richard Lake, EA, in creating totally new marketing products, including products he has developed and used in his own pratice, such as the unique promotional books that he licenses.  Books such as “What Every Taxpayer Should Know Before Filing Their Next Tax Return,” and “What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Filing Their Next Tax Return.”   Or, “Rick’s Special Reports,” twelve inexpensive reports designed to give you a monthly stream of communication with your prospects and clients.

Which is why Practice Builder Publishing has attracted authors like Marcus Dyer, JD, Amanda Padilla, MS, and Richard Lake, EA Click To Tweet

What You Can Do Now

Test Us Out With one of the small products or services available on the site, such as the “Absolute Beginners Guide To Starting And Building Your Own Accounting Practice When You Are Flat Broke” Training Ccourse, or “Rick’s Special Reports,” or one of Amanda’s Industry Specific Marketing Kits.

They are all safe, low cost, ways to check us out.

Why Practice Builder Publishing Is Available

We changed from the timed release methodology of a subscription program for several reasons.  First and foremost, the sheer volume of material in the subscription funnel made it difficult to keep track of what needed updating and when.  Bringing the library of products and services into view makes that easier to track.

The sheer volume of accountancy marketing tools and resources on Practice Builder Publishing is amazing. Click To Tweet

Some folks needed to be able to get started immediately, are prepared for that step, and do not want to have to wait through all of the introductory training, or the elementary steps which they may have developed and implemented on their own.

And, by making the catalog available for view, we have been able to attract top practitioners, with a variety of experience, who can bring freshness and new ideas to the products.  In other words, it’s no longer just my stuff, it is a community effort.

I hope you’ll join us.

Why You Should Act Now

There are three ways to take advantage of Practice Builder Publishing, and you really should act immediately if you want to take advantage of any one of them.

First, there are market forces which will be causing many of the prices on products and materials of Practice Builder Publishing to rise.  Authors need more money for their work, affiliate sales commissions need to be paid, and software needs to be maintained (no more of that crud from 2009).

You can join us, either as an author or as a product developer.  You develop it, and we can sell it.  We have a loyal and responsive following, who are always on the lookout for new ways of reaching their target market.  We can get you in front of them and you can make money and build your practice.

There are three ways to make money with Practice Builder Publishing. Click To Tweet

And finally, you can become an affiliate, and help us reach your network of colleagues. You automatically are given an affiliate account any time you open an account at Practice Builder Publishing.  It can be as simple as subscribing to our mailing list in order to download a free report or ebook, or as complex as enrolling in a major training course, such as the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course.  From then on, any sale that occurs as a result of someone clicking through to your referral link, earns you money, and credits for free stuff.

Yes, It Comes With A Guarantee

Remember, every electronic product or service offered on Practice Builder Publishing comes with a 30 day “Evergreen” money-back guarantee. That means that if you ever get dissatisfied with anything here, and cancel, just email me within 30 days of the purchase, and and I’ll refund the purchase price you paid for that product, and even let you keep everything you downloaded.  If it is a subscription based product or service, it is what you paid in the last 30 days (that’s why it’s “evergreen”).

Final important note. Physical products that are custom made and shipped to you are not eligible for refund, so make sure you really want them before we place the order with the manufacturer.  Once we’ve ordered your product from the manufacturer, they have to be paid and we can’t get the funds returned.

I’d love to see you join us, as a customer, a contributor, an affiliate or any combination of the three.

Best to you,


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  • Kirk has many years of diversified experience. He holds a weekly telephone conference call that is open to all parties who wish to grow their bookkeeping, accounting, tax, etc. practice. He has a wealth of knowledge that he shares freely with all. If you have a marketing challenge that you are trying to resolve, Kirk is an excellent resource! Kirk, thanks for all of your guidance.


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