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Commercial Loan Packaging

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We’re In A Recession …
And Credit has dried up!



Is that what your clients and prospects are saying?

In today’s economy, the biggest need of many small business clients is adequate financing. Are your clients being rejected by their bank because of poor credit, weak credit or no credit.

Get the Commercial Loan Packaging Handbook today and learn how to package a commercial loan application that gets accepted, and gets your client the terms they need and deserve!

The commercial loan packaging Handbook is your answer to everything you need to know about helping your clients go about getting the bank and government financing they need.

Learn To Earn!

Loan packaging fees can run as low as $500 to as much as $2,500 or even thousands!

Fees can come from either your client or from the financing source. You can earn a flat fee (safer and preferred by funding sources) or in the form of commissions (as a percentage of the interest charges). Learn to collect loan packaging fees before you do any work, or over the life of the loan. It’s your choice. (Just be sure you don’t try to double dip … that’s really tacky.)

In the handbook, you’ll discover the different types of funding that are available to all businesses, large and small, what to include in a loan package and how to present your package. You’ll even get copies of all the forms and resources you will need for putting together your package!

Find out the truth about government grants, and how to find them, when to use specialty financing such as Asset Based Loans and Factoring, and what to do if your client is in a specialty area such as government contracting, construction or import-export.

Order Today!

CommlLoanPkgEbook Click the link below to get your book and start helping your clients and attracting new prospects!

You’re already doing half the work, why not finish the job and get paid for it? If you choose to package the loan at no charge to the client, and get paid by the lender, many lenders will pay you an ongoing fee for the life of the loan. Usually around a quarter of a percent for the life of the loan. That may not sound like much, but on a million dollar revolving line of credit, that would be around $2,500 a year, and most revolvers run for several years. Put together two, three or four deals like that and you could be picking up an additional $10,000 a year, or more!

There Is Money To Be Made Helping Your Clients Find Money!

Add loan packaging as a specialty to your menu of services and learn how to build your practice, effortlessly adding thousands of dollars in fees to your bottom line! This breakthrough guide is only $127 to get started in this lucrative sideline. Order this breakthrough marketing system today. Click on the button below for instant access!