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Cost Segregation Marketing

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Increase Fees And Wallet Share …
Add New Clients!

Get New Clients, Or Face Malpractice.
It’s Your Choice!

Are you leaving money on the table with your current clients? Are you at risk of losing your clients to your competitor because he or she knows how to perform a cost segregation study? What are the chances you will face a lawsuit because you did not prepare the most advantageous tax return possible for your client?

90% of your competitors are preparing tax returns using straight line method rather than offering their clients the option of having a Cost Segregation Study performed. Your competitors are at risk … will you be ready to take advantage of their omission and “steal” their clients away?

Are You Making This Mistake?

If you’re not offering Cost Segregation Studies to your clients, and using it to attract new clients, then your practice may be at risk … possibly even bordering on malpractice! If you are not offering Cost Segregation Studies, then you may not be exercising the reasonable competence and diligence necessary to avoid a malpractice liability lawsuit that could destroy your practice!

Cost Segregation is the law of the land, approved by the IRS, and an effective tax planning tool. If you are not offering this service to your clients, you better believe that your competitors soon will be, and will be letting your clients know that you aren’t!

Earn Thousands In Fees,
Doing What You Already Do!

Cost Segregation Studies run in the thousands of dollars, and with a typical return on investment of around twenty to one, property owners are lining up to pay. Those fees can be YOURS!

The More A Client Spends With You,
The Longer They Stay!

The average life of an accounting client is five years. You’ll hear competitors up and down the street saying “I have clients that have been with me twenty years,” or some fictitious number like that. They’ve got one that’s been with them that long, or they don’t have any competition. The industry AVERAGE is five years!

If you only offer one service, say for instance, you only offer monthly client write-up services, the picture is even worse! BUT, if you are offering multiple specialty services, 98% of your clients will stay for an AVERAGE of 10 years. Merely adding something as simple as an in-house payroll preparation service, instead of referring your clients to ADP or PayChex can have a powerful effect.

It’s ABSOLUTELY Important
That You Add A Specialty.

90% of your competitors are using straight line depreciation when a cost segregation study could save their clients tens of thousands of dollars.

How do you market your services, and build your prestige when the IRS “demands” that you rely on the services of another professional?

How Do You Build Your Reputation
As THE Expert In This Specialty?

How Do You Find Prospects That Want And Need
YOUR Cost Segregation Services?

The Instant Practice Builder
Cost Segregation Marketing System is your answer!

With the Instant Practice Builder Cost Segregation Marketing System, you’ll find out how to identify the hot prospects in your community, the prospects that are ripe for your services. You’ll find out how to approach these prospects, and how to close the deal.


Your subscription comes complete with sample direct mail letters you can use as templates to generate your own direct mailing program, a sample sales presentation script and PowerPoint presentation, along with a brochure and newsletter template you can use in all of your marketing efforts. You even get a sample report in PDF format which you can print and offer to your prospects. Take a look at it here.

You Can’t Do This Alone!

There is only one correct way to prepare a Cost Segregation report, and that is with the direct involvement of a professional engineering firm!

The IRS “demands” that a Cost Segregation Study utilize professionals with two completely different sets of skills! The identification of qualified cost components must be performed by an experienced and qualified engineer. The application of those costs must be performed by an experienced and qualified tax professional.

You Have The Tax Knowledge,
Do You Have The Engineering Knowledge?

If you’re like most accountants, you’ve probably NEVER done an engineering take-off in your life. You wouldn’t know structural from non-structural if it bit you.

If you are a small independent practitioner, you MUST team with a Professional Engineer! The P.E. is to the world of engineering what the CPA and EA are to the tax world. It is THE license.

The IRS does not require a licensed professional for either the tax component, or the engineering component, but wouldn’t you rather team up with someone who is?

Not Every P.E. Is Qualified To Perform A Cost Segregation Study!

When you sign up to get your copy of the Instant Practice Builder Cost Segregation Marketing Manual, we’ll give you the information you need to help you select the Professional Engineering firm that’s right for you. We’ll tell you what to look for in a professional engineer, and what to avoid.

We’ve identified P.E.’s like one so powerful, they work for NASA! You’ll discover a P.E. that’s been in business over 16 years, done over 1,100 cost segregation studies, and have had their studies stand up to IRS audits with over 98% of claimed deductions being allowed! And, we’ll identify P.E.’s that ONLY work for accounting firms, so they won’t show up next week going after your clients!

We’ve taken the work out of finding a P.E. for you to partner with. It can’t get any easier than this!

We’ll even send you a free Excel workbook designed so you can
start submitting proposals next week!

Add this specialty to your menu of services and learn how to build your practice, effortlessly adding thousands of dollars in fees to your bottom line! This breakthrough guide is only $127 to get started. Order this breakthrough marketing system today. Click on the button below and have your copy on its way tomorrow!