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10 Effective Ways You Can Boost Productivity in the Office

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The business world is full of unending Herculean tasks which are really stressing people out – particularly the employees. Too much work will either bore them or lower their productivity level which may greatly result in poor work performance.
If you’re a business owner, manager, or a team leader, the least you can do is to offer them your helping hands to increase and/or retain their productivity. Wondering how? Well, better keep your eyes on these pages and know the different ways you can do.

1) Appreciation and recognition of excellent work
Like how teachers and schools give recognition to their hardworking students, the management in every company must also practice the same way to their employees. It wouldn’t cause you an arm and leg if you would take time saying “keep up good work!”, or “good job!”
Making your employees know that you appreciate and recognize their hard works and well-done tasks mean a lot to them. They’re too focused on finishing your given tasks that they forget to appreciate themselves and their dedication toward their work.
So, why not be the one to do it for them, right? If you’ll let yourself approach each of the employees and say how you appreciate their compelling work performance, you’ll be surprised by the sudden increase in their productivity level.

2) Make an effort to know every individual
Getting along with and knowing your employees or team members will really create a great boost on their productivity. If you could allocate some time to walk around the workplace and say “hello”, “good day”, or at least have a short conversation with them will really lead to a very incredible result.
It’s important that you know your employees or team member so you’ll know what motivates them and what makes them do better at work. Also, this will make you aware of the sudden changes in their behaviour and spot on their personal problems which you can possibly give a helping hand.

3) Practice the culture of transparency and/or open communication
It’s very rare for company leaders to practice the culture of transparency or open communication in the office. This may be due to holding their pride as one of the high-rankers or simply want to make the employees feel that there’s really hierarchy in the company.
This so-called transparency or open communication means opening up about something whether negative or positive – as long as the employees and the company’s concerned. Being a leader who talks about company concerns in front of the employees or admitting their committed mistakes can actually help in boosting the workforces’ productivity.

4) Provide them with the best technology or equipment
Automated or high technology equipment absolutely makes the work faster and easier. If you want to increase the productivity of your workforces, you better not fail in providing them with the best technology or office equipment which they can use to finish their tasks on or before time.
Don’t ever make them suffer from working on manually only to save yourself up some money, This isn’t only for the good of your employees’ productivity but also means a lot for the progress of your company.

5) Reduce distractions in the workplace
The use of social media during working hours is one of the major causes of reduced work productivity. Social media can instantly divert the attention and focus of your employees which should be for the tasks or works they’re working on.
It’s best if you encourage telling your employees in a nice way to turn off or at least put their mobile phones on silent mode. You can allocate a respective time or hour for them to take a break except for lunch time, which they can use their gadgets and/or they can do whatever they want to do.

6) Spread positivity and happiness in the office
Your workforces must be torn between pressure and stress due to loads and unending tasks to finish. Another you can do is to be the light on the tunnel – spread positivity and happiness all around the workplace.
This will totally help in boosting your team members’ productivity and will truly help them forget about pressure and stress.

7) Enhance employees’ skills and abilities by providing training
The company itself must not be the one to put an end on the employees’ personality development or skill enhancement. Well, in fact, the company must be one of the major contributors to the employees’ general development.
How? Well, you can start by providing them with seminars, personality development training, annual team building, and more company activities. This can be done perfectly with HR support.
The human resources department is excellent sources to provide HR support which can highly make your sought-after training and development programs happen. They can handle situations concerning the behaviour of the workforces and even help in hiring the most qualified applicants to welcome in your company.

8) Give them time and place to unwind or rest
They might not personally complain in front of you but here’s for sure, your employees or team members are also getting exhausted and soaked up at work. If they’re drained and haven’t enough energy to use, that will possibly lead to a lower productivity level.
You also know how it feels to get tired and being smothered with tons of pending work, right? So, why not give them time and place to unwind or rest at the workplace?
You can allocate a certain area where they can stretch and have a short nap. Or provide a particular area where they can play board games or simply relax. You know, you can contribute a lot so your team wouldn’t get drowned by piles of paperwork.

9) Offer them great benefits and perks
One thing that will excite your employees and boost their energy to work better is by providing them with great benefits and perks. These benefits and perks are reasonably given if and only if an employee proved and gave beyond his/her best.
Though, it’s not about discriminating the work performance of the other employees. This will set as a wakeup call that whatever they do to finish the given tasks, their work is being valued and recognized enough.

10) Be the one to increase their morale
As a team leader or business owner, try to be one of the sources to enhance their morale. Time will come that they feel like giving up, or feel that they can’t do the job anymore, or feel very unworthy for the position,
Lift their morale up as high as you can. Let them know that the company needs them and you appreciate their hard works.
The simple words of encouragement will really give them a brim of light to the darkness they get caught into. And you’ll see how much they’ll improve at work.

Kath Ramirez is a writer in profession and passion. She believes that everybody can write but not everyone can write with good content and effectively reach out for their audience. Kath believes that writing is one of the million rays of the sun to relieve stress and anxiety. Aside from writing, she indulges herself to reading random books, photography, dancing, and eating pastries which her little sister makes most of the time. She is now a writer for particular Australian and United Kingdom-based companies.


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