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Seaweed Farmers At the Heart of Blue Evolution’s Delicious Pasta – Part 2 | Agweb.com

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Sara brings to UpField deep knowledge and a broad strategic network that spans across agriculture, sustainability, food & beverage and government sectors. She helps clients build unlikely alliances, communicate their sustainability and authentically expand their social media presence using strategic engagement strategies. Prior to joining UpField, Sara served as the Director of Sustainability & Supply Chain Solutions for K·Coe Isom, a top 100 accounting and consulting firm. Her two decades of work experience include working as a top legislative staffer on agriculture, environment and energy in the U.S. Senate, reaching out to farmers on behalf of the national non-profit group Environmental Defense Fund and working as a consultant to numerous agricultural associations and food companies in the private sector. Sara received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Kansas State University. She grew up in Beloit, Kansas, and is the granddaughter of farmers on both sides of her family.

Will seaweed become more of a staple in the American Diet? A new company called Blue Evolution is hoping so; they source from North America and perform minimal processing on their product. In part 2 of my interview with company founder, Beau Perry, we learn more about the farmer/fisherman’s place in this company and about the sustainability profile of seaweed.

Read my interview with Founder Beau Perry below:

Seaweed adds taste and health to products.

You have an unusual model for an emerging brand in that you seem to be as invested in the farming business as in the food production side. Tell me more about that.

This goes back to the core of who our company is — and why we launched a brand. Blue Evolution is a gateway to many good things at the same time. For consumers, it is a gateway to healthier eating — for the fishermen we work with, it is a gateway to a new economy.

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through a deeper interaction with the ocean. Even within the challenger brand space, we are a stand out because for us we started with “how do we change the farmers’ lives?” The answer was seaweed, and now that answer extends to the multiple products which makes us much more a 3-dimensional company.

Do I know my supply chain? Yes, I built it with my own two hands. We are creating a way to help fishermen pivot so that part of their income can come from this new resource in a way that is still familiar to them — they can still use their boats and be involved in the water, just in a new way.

Fisherman find a new market growing seaweed.

We want to tell that story – and let the consumer know that when they buy our products, they are supporting this economic shift for these producers — and helping to encourage a shift in the food industry toward a model that rewards and encourages producer sustainability. At its core, sustainability must include economic viability. If we are creating something of higher value for people and the planet — that can bring with it a higher return for effort, then we all will win — but only if the fisherman/farmer is deeply embedded in that.

This is why our integrated focus on the farm and the consumer works. More than just knowing who our suppliers are, we want them to be at the forefront of our brand.

One of the advantages we bring to sea farmers is they can move away from depending only on a seasonal fishing crop — their fishing is their cream on top vs the staple of what they grow. Growers start out thinking about it in reverse. Fishermen are often away from their families for large amounts of time — but if they grow seaweed, they can stay near their family for greater amounts of time, and have a more stable income.

You eat the pasta and check where it came from — and you say wow, how cool, I get

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