They Couldn’t Stop Reading Their Email Because . . .

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We’ve been told that all the data shows attention spans are dropping, but new data collected over the past six years shows that email subscribers are spending more time reading the emails they receive.


The thing to remember is that readers tastes have evolved, and that how they interact with emails is determined by how they perceive your content and your brand.

It’s been 40 years since commercial email was invented by Gary Theurk at Digital Equiptment Corp. (DEC) in 1978 when he sent emails to a mass audience of 400 prospects.

The fact that he got over $13 million dollars in business from those 400 people generated a lot of ‘buzz’ about this new marketing channel.

Google expects 13 billion pieces of email to be sent annually by the year 2020.

Yet, with all this barrage of ‘stuff,’ somehow it seems that email marketing is doing a better job than a lot of other digital channels in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Think of it as a sort of ‘mid-life crisis’ that comes after years of evolution and improvement. Email has gone through a number of changes to make it better and more user friendly, and given more control of spam since companies like AOL, Hotmail and Gmail started allowing customers to filter emails into different folders based on priority.

That, along with the ability of users to provide feedback by marking emails as spam or not has lead to a better inbox experience. These simple, but effective changes have ‘encouraged’ senders to put more work into building relationships with their subscribers and ultimately leading to better inbox placements.

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All of this bodes well for practitioners.

With better email delivery methods, such as Aweber or ARPReach, a local practitioner has the ability to compete online directly with large local, and even regional, competitiors.

Add the ability of these email systems to track viewers clicks and record their actions as Digital Analytics, and you have the ability to track the increased participation and increased trackability today’s prospects like never before.

Now, with over 50% of emails opened on Smartphones such as the Android or iPhone, it is more important than ever to develop quality messages that can deliver a highly personalized experience to prospects and clients based on their unique preferences and lifestyles.

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