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Kirk, On The Shortfalls Of ‘Me Too’ Practice Marketing

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Even though Rainmaker Marketing is held up by many as the greatest and most reliable method of marketing accounting practices, a reliance on studying the past behaviour of clients also has its shortfalls.


One of the things I’ve noticed over time is that ‘Me Too’ marketing is just not having the same impact today as it did as recently as just a couple of years ago. The proliferation of marketing analytics and personalization is leading local marketers to lose a focus on client needs and future wants. There’s just as much marketers can learn from what the giants of the industry are getting wrong as there is from watching their actions.

For example: ‘When I go on Netflix I not only want to receive personalized recommendations, but also to find out about what shows I am missing out on. Sometimes it just feels like the recommendations I receive on Netflix or Amazon are based on things I’ve done in the past but not on what I might do in the future.’

If all we offer a client or prospect is based on the behavior we have observed in the past, then how do we become aware of what their next big need is going to be?

If all we offer a client or prospect is based on the behavior we have observed in the past, then how do we become… Click To Tweet

Netflix and Amazon are held up as great examples of personalization and targeting but they are part of markets – ecommerce and streaming – that are naturally individual, so perhaps it’s easier for them to shine than, say, a brand involved in finance.

The things I am reading are leading me to think that those who maintain a ‘traditional surveying’ mentality when it comes to targeting will become ‘obsolete.’

While achieving consistency around targeting on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is an ‘issue,’ ultimately focusing on client needs will ensure quality.

If all we offer a consumer is based on their past behavior, then how do we make them aware of what their next big need is?

If all we offer a consumer is based on their past behavior, then how do we make them aware of what their next big… Click To Tweet

There is a tipping point for personalization and targeting to where it can become creepy or annoying and actually ends up making people distrust your brand.

The best way to avoid that and to maintain a balance is to ensure your end goal is about meeting your clients needs and delivering the right services above anything else.

Prospects are much more likely to be open to targeting and engaging the firm if a practitioner proves it is aware of and can meet their needs first.

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