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With today’s publishing deadline looming, I thought I’d just throw in a few tidbits of news.


One section of the Daily Digest I don’t hear a lot about, which contains a lot of interesting tidbits is the “What We’re Reading Today” section a bit below the top news and blog posts. Usually we try to cover about five new stories each day from headlines around the world. Things related to accounting, tax and consulting news. Not so much marketing. Lately, with awards season going full steam, we’ve had a lot of stories about small business and accounting awards, such as the EY and PsC Small Business Awards. They’ve gotten a lot of attention.

Speaking of that, we launched our tax tip for 2017/2018 contest yesterday, with over $11,000 in Practice Builder Publishing prizes, and the chance to see your tip in a promotional publication you can use to market your practice as a PLR publication with you as the primary author in your market. Cool, huh?

Speaking of that, we launched our tax tip for 2017/2018 contest yesterday, with over $11,000 in Practice Builder Publishing prizes Click To Tweet

On a personal note, we’re finally getting some strategic traction at the Practice Builder Publishing Center in Georgia, so I’ll be headed home to the Practice Builder Publishing World Headquarters on our small island in the Gulf later this week. Means news will be erratic as our new assistant runs amok again. Just warning you, the news will be interesting this coming weekend and week. Hopefully at least we won’t miss any publication dates.

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