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This is Awards Season!

Funny, I never realized there was a “season” for giving awards, but it seems like there is one as all the big accounting firms start announcing their small, innovative, or most this or that business of the year, their employer or employee of the year, or something.


And all in the name of marketing.

Yep marketing.

Seems that the big firms mix client goodwill and recognition into a marketing tactic that builds their reputation, fosters client loyalty, builds a strong referral network and generates publicity for the firm all in a single package.

Talk about brilliant!

For some reason, unbeknownst to the higher powers (that higher power being “She Who Must Be Obeyed”), I have overlooked this as a marketing ploy, and for that not only am I truly embarrassed, but overjoyed as I realized the simplicity of the whole tactic and how I can pass on the use of awards programs as a tactic to small local practitioners such as the subscribers to and members of Practice Builder Publishing.

But first, I have to work out all the kinks.

So, to do that, rather than put up a page on the site where you can get your own plan, outline, tools and resources links, I have decided to debug the system by offering a competition on Practice Builder Publishing to show how truly simple the whole thing can be.

We’ve put together prize packages actually totaling two or three thousand dollars in value, and as soon as today’s Daily Digest hits the interweb, will be posting the rules for the competition. And, giving you the opportunity to win big, several times over.

Of course, most of the prizes will be stuff that you can use as a part of your marketing and practice building, we wouldn’t be a practice building website if we didn’t tie that in, but at the end, you’ll get something that will definitely blow your socks away (no, it’s not a fan), and you’ll get it just for entering.

You'll get something that will definitely blow your socks away (no, it's not a fan) just for entering your tax tip. Click To Tweet

So, keep your eye on the Daily Digest tomorrow, and watch your inbox over the next several days, for announcements about how you can use your knowledge to win.

Join us here at Practice Builder Publishing and become a part of the community, whether you become a contributing author, a peer recruiter, or merely a raving devotee of the Practice Builder Publishing resources, I'll work with you personally so you can reach the goals you set.

Best to you and yours,




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