Using Community Involvement To Build Your Bookkeeping, Accounting Or Tax Practice

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The number one overarching way to build your independent bookkeeping, accounting or tax practice is to become recognized as an expert in your niche or specialty. The number one time tested tactic for achieving this is to develop a network of respected community peers and influencers to recommend you.


The usual tactics a practitioner adopts are public speaking, writing and becoming a published author, or giving workshops, seminars and webinars.

But, while these tactics are among the most productive, they are also among the most used, and do not generate the free publicity that sets the practitioner apart. They lack the uniqueness that attracts and motivates prospects to act.

Recently, I realized that there is one method that is being used by the major firms, but which is not readily being adopted by the smaller local independents, and that method is giving awards.

Yes, giving awards.

Ernst & Young (EY) does it. They’ve even trademarked the name “US Entrepreneur Of The Year” for their awards. PwC does it with their “Private Business Awards.” And, I’m sure there are others among the large and mid-tier firms.

But, do you see any among your competitors? Are the firms at your level of competition giving awards to small businesses in your target market? Your community?

If they are, and you are not, then you are allowing your competitor an advantage. If they are not, then you have an opportunity to take an advantage by developing your own awards program.

At this point I figure you’re a little lost wondering how giving an award can help you market your firm. I know we are all proud that we have won an award, and use them as a means of establishing our credibility to clients, but I have to admit that it wasn’t until recently that I realized how the major firms were using them to build their network and grow their client base.

[bctt tweet=”And, it’s not just the free publicity that is usually generated for the sponsor of an award.” via=”no”]

That’s right, there is usually a willingness for local media to provide coverage of an awards ceremony, and even the candidate selection process, but there is also the development of a network of influencers and peers that build your referral networks, and attract prospects.

I first realized this when I was reading an article about the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award and read the description of the awards committee. The panel of judges for the regional award that I was reading about was composed of representatives of local professional firms and financial institutions, as well as prior years winners of the award. Just the kind of peers that an accounting firm would like to develop as referral sources.

The inclusion of prior years winners as members of the panel of judges was a brilliant touch. A way to build client and prospect loyalty. Absolutely brilliant!

[bctt tweet=”The inclusion of prior years winners as members of the panel of judges was a brilliant touch.” via=”no”]

During a conference call recently with one of our new copywriting associates, Chris, the idea of developing and presenting an award came up for us here at Practice Builder Publishing. As we discussed the process of issuing an award to our subscribers, it dawned on us that having a process laid out for us is one that we would be paying several hundred dollars to develop.

And, with that realization, we began to understand why so few local practitioners used an awards program as a marketing tactic. The process requires some effort, some time, and some resources.

So, we decided to develop a way to make it easier for a local practitioner to take advantage of this powerful marketing tactic by developing a complete turn-key system. A system that either includes the materials and resources as well as links to outside resources that a local practitioner would need, along with a complete outline of the steps involved in using the program.

As we began working, we thought of how powerful it was, and how our subscribers could benefit from such a tool, the decision was made to speed up rollout and to include the program as a part or the complete Rainmaker Marketing System.

If you’re interested in finding out more, just click here and get your own copy of our special report on “Brilliant Business Awards.”

If you’re not a subscriber to the Practice Builder Publishing complete Rainmaker Marketing System, this is the time to rejoin and see how we’ve grown over the past year with the addition of a monthly client newsletter you can personalize and distribute, now, a complete publicity-generating-program-in-a-box!

Join us here at Practice Builder Publishing and become a part of the community, whether you become a contributing author, a peer recruiter, or merely a raving devotee of the Practice Builder Publishing resources, I'll work with you personally so you can reach the goals you set.

Best to you and yours,




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