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Comcast’s CNBC faces a big threat from Fox Business Network

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When Comcast Corp. bought NBCUniversal in 2011, the deal came with the CNBC channel, which pioneered the business news format on cable television and dominated ratings in its field.

Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney (left), on the set of his show Varney & Company at the 21st Century Headquarters in New York, gets helps with his microphone. Slideshow icon SLIDESHOW

Comcast’s CNBC faces a big threat from Fox Business Network

It doesn’t look as unassailable today, as rival Fox Business Network flogs its coverage of President Trump and adds tens of thousands of viewers.

The Fox cable network — launched a decade ago, and known for publicity stunts such as simulcasting radio shock jock Don Imus — has beaten CNBC in total viewers during the key daytime stock-market hours over the last two quarters.

Trump has a lot to do with it, officials at both networks say as they snipe at each other over the viewing data. CNBC insists that Fox Business has morphed into a Breitbart-type cheerleader for Trump, riding the populist wave and sharing conservative Fox News viewers.

But Fox Business executives ask:

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