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5 Ways Public Speaking Helps Build Your Accounting Practice

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Your marketing strategy has to do a lot in order to generate leads, deliver your message, brand you, provide fodder for social media, and more. Fitting public speaking into the mix of tactics you employ helps with all of those goals, and is rated as the second most powerful tool you can use, second only to becoming a published author.


In a survey done by Hinge Marketing, of what they call their ‘Visible Experts,’ giving a keynote addresses was rated as a 7.8 in effectiveness out of a possible 10, while mere public speaking rated a respectable 7.3. Only being a published author scored higher at 9.1. These outranked all other methods in the survey.

Here’s why.

First of all, speaking creates an opportunity for positive public relations.

Getting in front of your target audience builds trust. The trust comes from the implicit third party endorsement that is given by the sponsoring organization and the audience itself. Even co-presenters provide a sort of third party endorsement, in a you are known by the company you keep sort of way.

Plus, in the aftermath of the event, there are networking and followup opportunities with attendees and co-presenters.

Secondly, presenting to an audience is an opportunity to showcase yourself as a subject matter expert. After all, since you are up there speaking, you must know what you are talking about, right?

And, of course there’s the content of your speech.

Content that can be repurposed into articles, blog posts, social media tweets and posts, whitepapers and reports, and even webinars and seminars to new audiences.

Developing your speech can take a lot of time, but once it is done, you have a product that can easily be repackaged and redistributed in a new form, taking on a life of its own.

Developing your speech can take a lot of time, but once it is done, you have a product that can easily be repackaged and redistributed in a new form, taking on a life of its own. Click To Tweet

Ah, and don’t forget those co-presenters, or even some of the attendees you are networking with. These create the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships, in addition to the leads you develop at your presentation.

Finally, there is the all important goal of lead generation.

As a speaker, you have the opportunity to get leads in ways that other marketing methods find difficult.

Among these is the opportunity to get a full list of attendees, and if possible, get it in advance, so you can begin your networking efforts before the event concludes.

You could ask to advertise your firm in conference collateral, but be prepared to pay for this opportunity. In some instances, you may be able to promote your products or services directly from the podium when it fits with the subject matter of your speech.

Remember, speaking engagements, no matter how large or small, present a significant opportunity for you to present yourself as an expert, generate positive press, develop a larger network, create additional content for your other marketing channels, and develop joint ventures or strategies partnerships.

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