News, Deadlines And Keeping Up With The Big Boys!

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It’s been one heckuva two weeks here at the Practice Builder Publishing World Headquarters Annex.

Technology has had its ups and downs, which were mostly downs, family has had its demands, which were just that, demanding, and community relations have or are about to, hit an all time low.

Yes, the technology thing has been a pain in the gazitchka.

And it needs some explaining Lucy.

Just under two weeks ago, all was going nicely on Practice Builder Publishing and the Daily digest newsletter was beginning to hit its stride, when the plugin that handles the podcasts on Practice Builder Publishing signaled that it was time for an update.

With all the advice saying ‘keep your plugins updated,’ it was just normal to activate the update.

Oops. Site crash.

Ah, but no problem. My host keeps daily backups for me, or so I thought. Click To Tweet

My host deposits a daily backup for me into a folder where I have set the maximum number of backups to be one, so there is only ever yesterday’s site backup in the folder.

Yeah, I was doing it on the cheap to save server space. Click To Tweet

All was fine as long as I remembered to download my backups daily, which was easy to slip away from as it took most of a day and interfered significantly with the ability to use my computer while the download was using most of the memory and other resources.

So, with no yesterday’s backup on my computer, and the one site backup in my server backup folder being the one that was corrupted from the crash, I had to look to my hosting company, whom I love and have been with for almost 20 years, for a restoreable copy.

Seems however, that the newest copy the host kept was made at the end of the preceding week, a full five days before the crash.

So, I bite the bullet, grab what data I can so I can re-enter the missing five days into the site manually and ask the hosting company to restore from the backup.

Then, I start muddling things together so there will only be one missed day of Daily Digest newsletter broadcasts.

Which is when I learn the publishing software will not broadcast on a Tuesday if the last broadcast day was a Friday. It has to wait until the next Friday has passed in order to get back on schedule.

Yep. No newsletter until the weekend edition.

Unless of course I want to email them manually.


Okay I can do that, so I edit the news and tips for the day, post them, and set up the broadcast for the next day.

Then of course, the other shoe falls.

Ye Olde PC Crashes.

Dunno what happened, but am thinking either the driver to an extension that I use to attach a third monitor to my computer got scrambled, or maybe Kaspersky and the WanaCry Virus were at war, as the hard drive would run and run but the screen did not load.

Since I was able to log in using the F8 ‘Safe Mode,’ I had most of my access, but could not navigate as swiftly as needed in order to develop news stories and write the blog posts, so when the Daily Digest publisher kicked in on Saturday, it ran with only partial fresh news each day.

Long story so far, huh?

Meanwhile, I buy a new Windows 10 machine to replace the seven year old Windows 7 machine, and am instantly reminded how much I hate the complications of the modern computer. It took a week to complete the upgrade and be able to start updating the website and the news stories.

Finally I am ready to go. I post a few new stories and decide it is time to fix the problem that started the whole mess, upgrade the PHP version to the level required by the podcast plugin.

So, I check my account and discover that upgrading an application on the cloud server requires some modifications that I am not cleared to do. They must be done by at least the second tier support at the firm where my hosting is done.

No problem. I grab the phone and make a support request, which is moved up to the second tier tech (a person I have known for most of my 20 years with the firm) and the upgrade is scheduled for a slow afternoon since it will take the website offline for one or two hours.

Well of course that turns into one or two days.

Good Grief.

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Best to you and yours,




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