Are You Wasting Your Time Daydreaming

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I once had a boss that used to admonish me to quit wasting time by daydreaming. Being the kid that I was, I ignored him and kept on daydreaming.


He fired me.

Well, a few years later, I was able to help out my old boss by hiring him to manage one of my restaurants. Seems my daydreaming gave me the idea to go out on my own and build a successful chain of taco stands in mid Texas, in the middle of the 1960’s.

Part of my success was that after opening my first store, I never quit daydreaming.

Of course, when the customers came, and when the food needed prepping, I worked my not so little tushkit off. But, when times were slack, and chores were up to date, I daydreamed.

I daydreamed about how to make the store layout more efficient, service faster, employees more productive, service better and faster, and how to draw more customers into my stores.

I daydreamed about how to make the store layout more efficient, service faster, employees more productive, service better and faster Click To Tweet

I still do the same thing today. I daydream.

Writing is tough, and research indicates that it is more stressful than physical activity. Writing for three or four hours is as tiring to me as walking behind a mule and plow for eight to ten hours a day was when I was a wee tyke on a farm in rural North Carolina.

When you’re working on a complex tax situation, or a complicated audit, you can get just as tired, and you avoid or evade marketing tasks. Keeping your nose to the grindstone for hours at a time is neither efficient nor effective. And, it can put one heckuva crimp in your desire to get out and market.

Too much mental stress will cause you to burn out, and reduce your clarity.

That’s where a little daydreaming r&r comes into play, and where you can come up with marketing (or production) ideas that will give you the breakthrough you need to grow your practice, so you can hire a junior, and tell them to quit daydreaming.

Researchers say the brain needs to rev down and relax at least every 90 minutes. You need to let your mind go wherever it goes, like a child at play.

Taking time just to dream may sound wasteful, but it’s restorative and practical. Disengage several times a day to relax and let yourself discover how creative and productive you can be.

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