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10 Amazing Ways To Hit Your Marketing Target

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The Silver Bullet is every accountant’s dream. That magic tactic that knocks all the competition to their knees, and gives the feeling of power and strength all at the same time being simple to administer and implement.


Well, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

1. Find a strategic business partner. Look for ones that have the same objective. You can trade leads, share marketing info, sell package deals, etc. Typical strategic partners for accounting, consulting and tax firms are bankers, insurance agents, realtors, attorneys, etc.

2. Brand your name and business. You can easily do this by just writing articles and submitting them to the newspaper, radio and tv stations in your local market for publishing. If you don’t feel comfortable writing articles, you can find some good ones on the internet at article directories like this one.

3. Start a client newsletter. If you don’t have the time to crreate your own, purchase a pre-written or packaged one. A brandable or customizable newsletter comes free with your membership in The Instant Practice Builder (http://instantpracticebuilder.com)

4. Remember to take a little time out of your day or week to brainstorm. New ideas are usually the difference between success and failure. Remember that the best ideas come from the three “B’s.” Bed, bath and bus, while you are doing something else and your mind is relaxed.

5. Model other successful business or people. I’m not saying out right copy them, but practice some of the same habits that have made them succeed. See what the larger practices in your market are doing and use their actions as a guide. Are they giving seminars, talks, courses, writing articles, making press releases, getting published in magazines, manuals, etc., are they putting out a client newsletter, postcarding or making cold calls?

6. Take risks to improve your business. Sometimes businesses don’t want to advertise unless it’s free, sometimes you have to spend money to get results. Have you considered putting up a billboard during tax season?

7. Include emotional words in your communications. Use ones that highlight the risks taxpayers face with late tax payments and the morass of regulations small businesses face each day.

8. Ask your clients and others what their biggest concerns are. You can use the comments you get as the basis for a community survey. Then turn the results of that survey into a special report, a press release or an article you can submit to the local press.

9. Out source part of your workload. You’ll save on most employee costs. You could out source your secretarial work, data processing, marketing, etc. For example. You can outsource your entire payroll processing to a firm like PayClerk, Inc. (http://payclerk.com), and still maintain your client relationship, rather than referring your accounting or consulting clients to a separate firm such as ADP or Paychex.

10. Combine a product and service together in a package deal. It could increase your sales. If you’re selling a book, or course, offer an hour of consulting or admission to a free seminar with it.

These tips may not seem like much on their face, but they are simple to implement, and have powerful results.


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