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A Weekly Dose of Marketing Tactics For Accountants

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A Weekly Dose of Marketing Tactics For Accountants

According to BJ Burns and Scott Jeffrey over at Cult Branding, there are 52 types of marketing tactics.

Okay, they pulled the number 52 out of the air, and they are actually talking about tactics, but who cares?

Now the folks over here at Practice Builder Publishing being the purists that we are try to keep our minds clear about what is Strategy and what is Tactics, and how both of them form a circular logic with your Business Model. You can follow along with our Tuesday blog post under Tips You Can Use as we teach you how a sole practitioner can build a business model that works, select the right strategy for that business model, and then the right marketing tactics for that combination of business model and strategy in our Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course.

Whew! That’s sort of long winded.

With the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course getting a new lesson released every week for the next year, I thunked that it would be really cool if I could speed up getting to the accountancy marketing tactics material that folks generally want, without having to understand if it is a tactic that fits with their business model or not. And, whether or not they actually have a business or marketing strategy.

So, building off the work done by BJ and Scott, it seems like a good idea to introduce ‘A Weekly Dose of Marketing Tactics For Accountants.’ Today we get an orientation. Next Wednesday, we start working our way through BJ and Scott’s list of 52, with some examples that fit with accounting marketers. and maybe even a few of our own recommended tactics. And the, we continue with a new tactic each Wednesday until we run out of ideas, or the industry suffers an upheaval and it takes us a bit of time to adjust.

BJ and Scott’s list starts off with one of my perennial favorites, Cause Marketing, sometimes referred to as Affinity Marketing.

I claim Cause Marketing as a perennial favorite because of my experience way back at the start of the 1980’s, when I learned I didn’t want to be in the tax preparation business. The campaign was such a success that in the short span of three years, I went from two or three hundred manual returns to just under thirteen hundred.

I claim Cause Marketing as a perennial favorite because the campaign was such a success that in the short span of three years, I went from two or three hundred manual returns to just under thirteen hundred. Click To Tweet

Did I mention that was when I was doing the work by hand? Yes, I was entering the completed returns into a datasheet and taking it to a data center where it was keypunched and laser printed so I could look as cool and spiffy as the big boys, but I repeat, it was manual preparation.

So, as you go through this list of tactics, feel free to let me know which ones you want to hear about early on, and maybe why. Just click on the name (it’s a link) and it should pop up your email client with an email sent to set up your Daily Disgest newsletter subscription and another to tell me which tactic you want to hear about first and why. That’ll give me an idea of what some of the basic nuances I need to tell you about are.

So, here’s the list:

  1. Cause Marketing
  2. Close Range Marketing
  3. Relationship Marketing
  4. Transactional Marketing
  5. Scarity Marketing
  6. Word-of-mouth Marketing
  7. Call Tto Action Marketing
  8. Viral Marketing
  9. Diversity Marketing
  10. Undercover Marketing
  11. Mass Marketing
  12. Seasonal Marketing
  13. PR Marketing
  14. Online Marketing
  15. Email Marketing
  16. Evangelism Marketing
  17. Event Marketing
  18. Offline Marketing
  19. Outbound Marketing
  20. Direct Marketing
  21. Inbound Marketing
  22. Freebie Marketing
  23. Newsletter Marketing
  24. Article Marketing
  25. Content Marketing
  26. Tradeshow Marketing
  27. Direct Marketing (2)
  28. Niche Marketing
  29. Drip Marketing
  30. Community Marketing
  31. Social Media Marketing
  32. Cross Media Marketing
  33. B2B Marketing
  34. Promotional Marketing
  35. Ambush Marketing
  36. B2C Marketing
  37. Cloud Marketing
  38. Mobile Marketing
  39. Alliance Marketing
  40. Reverse Marketing
  41. Telemarketing
  42. Free Sample Marketing
  43. Direct Mail Marketing
  44. Database Marketing
  45. Personalized Marketing
  46. Affinity Marketing
  47. Cultural Markieting
  48. Humanistic Marketing
  49. Guerrila Marketing
  50. Brand Lover Marketing

Okay, I triple checked the list, and only found 51. Seems like BJ and Scott were only playing with a deck of 51, (Maybe they were listening to the song.) But then, it seems I also lost one, so we’re down to 50 That’ll still keep us busy.

Seeing as how some of the tactics are a bit repetitive, and some don’t lend themselves well to marketing accounting or tax services, we’ll play with them, and give you some that really do.

So, pick the ones you want and click on the name to send us an email and we’ll start getting some tips pulled together.

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