The Origins Of Strategy
I started this discussion of Rainmaker Marketing by discussing the life cycle of an accounting practice. Today, I want to talk about the origins of strategy.   As time goes on, I’m going to teach you the difference between your Marketing Strategy, your Business Model and your Marketing Tactics. Once you understand these parts of…

The Lifecycle Of An Accounting Practice
In today’s environment, with all the direct competition as well as the available substitutes to your services, building and growing a successful, a super successful, bookkeeping, accounting, consulting or tax preparation practice, is really difficult. Really difficult. And, while there is really about only one marketing model that works for bookkeepers, accountants and tax professionals,…

What A Difference 30 Years Makes!
This post was originally entitled “What A Difference 20 Years Makes!,” but as my good friend Mark pointed out, my math sucks moose eggs, so I have edited it to reflect the corrections. I am sooo embareassed. (Yes, that one was on purpose) *************** I was digging through some files, researching for data to include… (2 comments)

Brainstorming Hour – Cross Selling And Up Selling
We had another great, mind boggling, session yesterday with the brainstorming hour. Talked almost the entire hour about cross-selling, upselling and referring, and how to meet the requirements of IRC §301.7216. I was shocked at how few folks really understood the requirements of §7216, or were even aware of its existence. If you are not… (0 comment)

From 20 To 10 In One Short Year.
How I reduced Client Churn, And How You Can Too! Your clients didn’t sign with you just because they liked the way you described your services, or how well you understood the tax code. As a matter of fact, your clients don’t care a hoot about the fact that you can recite complete passages of… (0 comment)

Niche And Practice Specialization Mentors
The first rule of Rainmaker Marketing is that you must be recognized as an expert who can solve the needs of your target market. Key that to read “you must be an expert on the needs of your target market.” That short paragraph implies two very important requirements. You must be recognized as an expert… (0 comment)

Get New Clients By Thinking Fast And Slow
This post was inspired by The Heart of Conversion Rate Optimization – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine and an analysis of Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast And Slow, as excerpted by Frank J. Babetski, for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We’ve all been there. Working on a prospect, or talking to a client, and they… (0 comment)