Driving Traffic To Accounting Websites With Social Media
Six out of 10 small-business owners say they believe social-media tools are valuable to their company’s growth—but most aren’t impressed by Twitter Inc. Just 3% of 835 business owners surveyed earlier this month by The Wall Street Journal and Vistage International said Twitter had the most potential to help their companies. Freshology founder Todd DeMann,… (0 comment)

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Amazon sure hopes you are, as the eCommerce and cloud computing company signed a contract with the NFL to stream “Thursday Night Football” games for the upcoming season. Previously, Twitter, which originally signed a deal back in April 2016, with the NFL to stream “Thursday Night Football” games, reported an average viewership of 2.8 million,… (0 comment)

Client Lifetime Value And Churn
No discussion of Revenue Streams would be complete without be complete without a discussion of Client Lifetime Value And Churn.     Calculating CLV helps you decide how much you can invest in retaining a client so as to achieve positive return on your investment in acquiring that client. You probably don’t have a lot… (0 comment)

Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Many of us who coach do it because we’ve made and learned from a ridiculous number of mistakes. We can guide others to quick success because we’ve seen the terrain, know the potential pitfalls, and can help newbies step nimbly around them.   I run a successful CPA practice today, but that’s after decades of… (0 comment)