LSU Department of Accounting Hosts Annual Awards Banquet – E. J. Ourso College of Business
More than 40 students were presented with scholarships in recognition of their academic accomplishments at the Department of Accounting’s annual awards banquet on Thursday, April 21. Additionally, Assistant Professor Jared Soileau was given the Vincent C. Brenner Award, presented annually to the untenured faculty member who has been most productive in academic research. Assistant Professor… (0 comment)

The 5 stages of project creep
Understanding your emotional response to realizing you are being asked to work for free is the first step to feeling better about those so-called clients. Whether you’re just starting out as an independent practitioner or you’ve been doing it for decades, one thing never changes – someone always wants you to work for free. The… (0 comment)

What A Difference 30 Years Makes!
This post was originally entitled “What A Difference 20 Years Makes!,” but as my good friend Mark pointed out, my math sucks moose eggs, so I have edited it to reflect the corrections. I am sooo embareassed. (Yes, that one was on purpose) *************** I was digging through some files, researching for data to include… (2 comments)