Tax Preparation Services And An Affinity Marketing Redux
[postgopher name=”pg001″] One of my earliest successes in the tax business, and the root cause of tax season overload that made me realize that I did not want to be in the three months a year consumer tax preparation business, was my success with affinity marketing, the marketing to a targeted group based on their… (0 comment)

Grow Your Accounting Practice With Human Resource Services
Inspired by Human Resource ROI from the Custom Accounting Services’ Blog at Most accounting practitioners are stuck in a rut, quietly performing the services they can handle with the skills they learned back at school in Accounting 101, or maybe 102. That, and a little bit of tax practice they learned by starting with… (0 comment)

How To Get More Out Of Your Content And Marketing Offers
This post was drawn from the Inbound Marketing Blog, and a post written by Brooke Hazelgrove at Recycling is great – good for the environment, and good for producing a lot of content in a short period of time. Creating and maintaining content for marketing your business online can be a lot of work.… (0 comment)