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Rewarding Employees: Cash Or Things?
A few years ago Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company decided to test whether cash or tangible goods were more successful in an effort to improve sales of a new line of Aquatred tires. Their plan was simple and elegant: first they ranked their 60 retail districts according to previous sales, then divided them into two…

Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Many of us who coach do it because we’ve made and learned from a ridiculous number of mistakes. We can guide others to quick success because we’ve seen the terrain, know the potential pitfalls, and can help newbies step nimbly around them.   I run a successful CPA practice today, but that’s after decades of… (2 comments)

Who Wants To Win An Award?
Everybody, it seems. People are so desperate to win an award that they regularly resort to even buying listings in those books of “Who’s Who” that folks publish. I get dozens of notices each week offering me the opportunity to be listed in one Who’s Who or another. For only a minimal cost, of course.… (0 comment)