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Nailing Down Lead Generation Assets for Your Accounting Website
[postgopher name=”pg001″] Developing your irresistible offer requires that you create assets that will support and enhance your offer. But, different assets require different investments, and different skills to implement.   Of course giving away content is one of the most popular ways to capture leads, especially around tax time. But, before you start creating content,… (0 comment)

How Accountants Can Identify Their Ideal Target Market
[postgopher name=”pg001″] Today, we’re going to talk a bit about identifying your target market, the audience for your offer that can’t be refused.   To begin, you need some clear demographics of your target market. You need to know things like your target market’s age, household income, education level, marital status, and even their gender.… (0 comment)

Social Media Marketing Is A Complete Waste Of Time
[postgopher name=”pg001″] The goal of the typical independent accounting practitioner is to get into marketing conversations with prospects at an earlier point and help the prospect move along their sales funnel or process, and become a trusted advisor, to consult with clients and support their decision-making with expert guidance.   So, why is encouraging buying… (0 comment)

Pairing Automation Tools
Finding a single piece of software that will perform all the marketing automation tasks that you require, and that is affordable for a small local practitioner is just nigh onto impossible.   For one thing, it is almost impossible to develop a single piece of software that meets the disparate needs of an entire class… (0 comment)

Like The Emperor, The Accountant Has No Clothes
For some reason, accountants like to think of themselves as running a ‘practice.’ And, there’s the perpetual joke that follows them where their clients ask when they’re going to quit practicing and start actually doing accounting.   It gets old, but it’s not far from the truth, and that’s the biggest risk to most local… (0 comment)

Getting Advice From Strangers
Recently, several clients were asking questions related to pricing. One wanted to know what to charge to set up a set of books, another wanted to know how to get a set of books up to date after the firm had avoided any accounting for months, and another just wanted to know which was the… (0 comment)