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Cashing in on Back End Opportunities With Your Consulting, Speaking, and Seminars

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You’re invited to speak. Congratulations. It’s one of the best ways you can build your practice, becoming recognized as a knowledgeable expert and being sought out for your knowledge and expertise.

It’s probably the single most important thing you can do to attract quality clients. The more you are recognized and requested, the better the quality of the clients you will attract-and the more you can increase your fees.

But, do you know how many dollars you are leaving on the table each time you complete a speaking engagement without educating your customers on how much you know about their company, and how else you can help them.

Cashing in on back end opportunities while you are speaking at a seminar is crucial to launching your businesses profits and sales through the roof. By offering your existing and potential customers more, which really doesn’t mean more for you, you can be doubling and tripling your income in no time at all.

By offering other services, such as your eloquent seminars and your consulting service to help other customers market their products and services, your customers will beg for more, and will pay top dollar for these services. By implementing your information as a tool, you can sell this quality product that is hot in demand in every industry.

By integrating your back end and front end businesses, you will have the steady income you dreamed of with your business. If a customer comes to you for information, or a product of one type, what else will they be looking for? Strategically placing the most likely products they need near what they are already buying, or telling them you can also help them with another aspect of their business, you are now cashing in on the back end opportunities of your front end business.

The first question you must ask yourself is: What else can I offer? If you are offering a book, for example, you can offer web-based services, articles or columns, consulting, speaking, seminars, audio and video recordings, yearly updates on the author and special reports…the opportunities are endless.

By offering the back end products to your front end products, you will find that you are selling more of the back end than the front end. Your front end products will likely account for approximately 30 per cent of your overall sales and revenue, while the remaining 70 per cent of your sales will come from the auxiliary, and much more important, back end products.

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Your customers that are already through the door are begging for more. You’ve already impressed them; they’ve purchased your product. They have bought your line, hook line and sinker, they are in, and they are in for more. Now that they are hooked, they are wildly looking around for supports to the product they have already purchased. You are their expert, so sell your expertise to them.

Offering seminars, speaking engagements and consulting will open the door for floods of new business. One customer will tell a friend, who will come to your seminar. As your name grows in popularity, your customer base explodes by word of mouth, because you offer support and expertise that are about more than just the product. The support and services you are providing are about how to use the product, why the product is best for their company, and whatever else the customer requires. Technological support or management training for instance. The big profits come after the first sale.

A firm marketing plan for your customers after they have purchased your ‘primary product’ lays the key to creating huge profits. The customers want more. They need more. You have it, all you have to do, is offer it.

An example: You create new accounting software that is years ahead of what ‘everyone else’ is using. An accounting firm comes to you, sees the product and buys it for his company. Now what? Well, he has one instruction manual and 400 accountants who need to learn to implement the new software.

So, you offer him a seminar to teach his employees how to use the software, directly from the person who invented it. Score! No accounting firm executive is going to say no. Hands on, first hand learning is, by far, the single best way for anyone to learn how to do anything.

Who better to learn from that the master him/herself? You got it. The seminar will provide even, equal training to all the staff who will be using the software. There will be less of a margin of human error, which is largely due to everyone comprehending written word differently.

Explosion of profits. Your $200 software is now worth $10,200. For one…the back end marketing of your skills in a seminar for employees is invaluable. Politely open the door for the next customer…you are well on your way to explosion of profits.loyalty.

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