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How Accountants Can Build Their Reputation, Earn Referrals, Get Clients, And Still Get Work Product Out On Time – Practice Builder Publishing – Tools & Resources For Accountants And Tax Practitioners

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How Accountants Can Build Their Reputation, Earn Referrals, Get Clients, And Still Get Work Product Out On Time

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The number one tool for building a six to eight figure practice, in almost any market, is the online webinar.

Online webinars are nothing new. They are used by almost every firm you do business with, but their adoption by local practitioners has been minimal. Think about how you get CPE, how you learn about new products and services from your vendors, or how you discover new practice opportunities. Chances are that you attended an online webinar.

Now, ask yourself how you got your last three clients?

Your first reaction is to probably identify two main sources of new clients. Those who are referred to you by a peer or a client that you identified and nurtured. Or, those whom you directly contacted and nurtured.

Either way, you most likely developed a relationship and nurtured it along, taking personal time to communicate with the referror or the prospect. Very little being done in the way of a managed and directed process.

[bctt tweet=”Only one out of six practitioners think technology adds to their bottom line. Forty percent think it is nothing but an unavoidable ” via=”no”]

Only one out of six practitioners think technology adds to their bottom line. Forty percent think it is nothing but an unavoidable expense. Half of practicing accountants think technology gives them a competitive edge and differentiates them from their competitors.

So the big question in that is that if only one out of six accountants think that technology adds to their bottom line, then what competitive advantage are the other two out of six of the one half of accountants who do not feel it is adding to their bottom line seeing in the way of a competitive advantage?

If a competitive advantage is not adding to the bottom line, how can it be a competitive advantage?

For those who think that technology is a competitive advantage, how are they using it? What makes it a competitive advantage? Is it brining in new clients and adding to the bottom line? Does it give them the ability to create and develop new competitive advantages, or is it something that their competitors can easily copy?

Accountants are in the knowledge business. You are an expert, or at least I hope you are, on something? If you are not an expert on something, then what competitive advantages do you have that exceed that of a bookkeeper or records clerk?

Let’s presume you have something that you are an expert in. Maybe, like Rick, one of our erstwhile subscribers, you have quite a bit of knowledge about financial planning, especially as it relates to high net worth individuals who work in medical products manufacturing.

that’s a narrow field, but it appears he’s reasonably good at advising folks in this niche.

How does Rick get the word out?

Well, he doesn’t. Rick is so busy double checking his work, and giving good client service, that the only growth he gets is through the occasional client referral.

Rick’s knowledge in this area is one that gives him a strong competitive advantage, but by not getting the word out, Rick is hiding his light under a bushel, so to speak. Rick could grow, and Rick could raise his fees, if he had more prospects, and higher conversions.

Rick needs to automate his lead generation and conversion process, and embrace a technology that exists. However, Rick chooses to make excuses, and continues to plod along.

What could Rick do?

Well, the first step might be to adopt an automated email marketing system, whether it is SaaS oriented, or self hosted. Then, the second step might be to adopt an on-demand webinar system, such as EasyWebinar, and develop a series of educational webinars.

Those two simple pieces of technology are both affordable, and simple to implement. Combined, they are less than a Microsoft Office license, and I’m pretty sure Rick has one of those.

Once he has installed those two systems, then his next task is to hold a live webinar, and record it, or pre-record a webinar, and offer either of those two items as on-demand replays.

Using the EasyWebinar system, Rick will be able to capture each registrant, look at his dashboard and determine whether they actually attended his webinar or not, and if so, how much of it they watched. He will also be able to deliver handouts and receive questions that the audience submits. He can have the same interaction that he would duting his live webinar.

Once the attendees have completed the webinar, they can be added to the automated email system, and receive daily, weekly, monthly or whenever, updates from Rick. Automatically, and all on autopilot.

One of Rick’s competitors, which went from 18 to 75 employees and from $2.8 million to over $10 million in annual revenue in just two years, has implemented automated inbound marketing technologies, and added a team that focuses only on new business development.

Can Rick do that? Will he? Will you?

Join us here at Practice Builder Publishing and become a part of the community, whether you become a contributing author, a peer recruiter, or merely a raving devotee of the Practice Builder Publishing resources, I'll work with you personally so you can reach the goals you set.

Best to you and yours,




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I would love to see you add webinars to your marketing arsenal. Webinars can position you as an expert, and automated webinars provide you with an "Evergreen" source of leads.

If you are looking at economical, and powerful tools that will allow you to create and deliver your own automated webinars, then I urge you to check out either of our advertisers, Casey Zeman's EasyWebinar or Armand Morin's WPWebinar today.

If you also want to integrate your webinar system with an automated email system, advertisers who offer autoresponders as a service are AWeber and Get Response.

For a self hosted solution I recommend ARPReach. ARPReach is a self hosted application, which means you only purchase one, and you don't have those pesky monthly bills like you get with the two services I mentioned above. ARPReach is what we use here at Practice Builder Publishing, and have used since it first came out as the successor to ARP3, which we used since 2003.

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