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Using Cheap And Easy Client Newsletters

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Building A Practice Is Hard
And You’re All Alone At It



Did you start your practice so you could spend your weekends and nights writing a monthly client newsletter? Then, trying to figure out the formatting for print, color or black and white, pdf or html for email, or links and formatting for the web?
Client newsletters are the bane of a practitioners existence. Too much tax talk and your readers go into lala land. Too much fluff, and you might as well be selling real estate.
Until now, your choice has been to spend three or four days struggling to put together your own newsletter, or spending hundreds of dollars each month on something so full of tax talk that your client immediately throws it into the trash.
You gotta stay in touch,
or you get forgotten.
Clients drift away, and prospects forget they ever heard of you. That lack of communication is the number one cause of client loss, while clear, consistently read communication is the number one source of client acquisition.
Accounting firms who consistently stay in touch with their clients grow at a 65% faster rate than firms who rely solely on traditional forms of marketing, such as direct mail and asking for referrals. (Hinge)
But, getting a well written client newsletter, that clients and prospects will actually read, is hard, and can be expensive.
At least it has been, until now.
Imagine you are a subscriber to Practice Builder Publishing, and for only $47 each month, your have your own brandable client newsletter delivered to you on a CD and in a format where you can brand it as your own, print and mail, upload and email, or even upload as free standing web pages. Or, spend fifteen minutes playing with some resource files and you’ve developed your own unique and custom creation.
Five to fifteen minutes each month,
and you’re done.
Doesn’t matter if your practice is in Duluth, or Portland. New Zealand, or Nottingham. Vancouver, or Vallejo. We’ve got something yu can use.
It was a client newsletter that I was using, back in the 90’s that singlehandedly brought me a small chain of 28 independent Mexican restaurants as a client. A relationship that had grown to 52 members of the chain within a couple of years.
Steady, consistent, monthly mailings, was what did it.
It is a client newsletter that one of Practice Builder Publishing’s long term members (ricker99 is his handle) has used for the past five years to stay in touch with, and retain, approximately 800 out of state tax and small business clients, after he moved from Northern California, to the golf courses of sunny Phoenix, Arizona.
Want your own newsletter?


Compare the Practice Builder Publishing monthly client newsletter, at only $47 per month, to anything else on the market and see how we stack up. You’ll be impressed, and surprised. Check out the range of prices at our competitors such as the “Ready To Go” newsletters at $97 per month, to the Mostad & Christensen at $782 for four issues (That’s a whopping $3,182 dollars per year!). And, in the case of M&C (whom I used back twenty and thirty years ago when I was in practice) that is the price for only the resource files, a free component that is actually included in your Practice Builder Publishing Newsletter Bundle Pack each month!
It’s not another dry read.
It’s something your clients
will actually read,
And, look forward to getting.
Each month, your CD will be manufactured at our remote facility in Inver Grove, Minnesota, and shipped directly to you. Each CD will contain PDF files formatted to CMYK specifications for color printing, and greyscale for in-house black and white printing, both ready for you to brand, print and mail.
Plus, your CD will contain the complete newsletter formatted as a series of HTML web pages and an HTML formatted email, both ready to brand to your practice put into circulation.


Then, as an added bonus, you get copies of all the resource files used in each months newsletter, both images and text, which you can format and use as content on your website.


Name One Competitor That Gives This Good A Newsletter,
With This Many Bonuses!
Compare getting all that, a well written client newsletter that folks will actually read, delivered to you in multiple formats, along with bonus materials you can use to build your practice, for only $47 per month, against some tax heavy boring newsletter put out by one of those big time reference resources that is priced at a couple of hundred dollars a month, or one that is just too generic and still costs almost a hundred dollars a month.
Of course the question is …
How can it be so cheap?
Well, it’s easy. I retired from public accounting over 20 years ago, so I’m not struggling to compete with all the young guns who want to make their mark in the corporate world, and have a gazillion dollars in corporate overhead. And, I’m not some journalism major who decided to start a newsletter business, but doesn’t know the first thing about taxes or the IRS. I’m old, tired and ugly, and have no social life. This is my fun, working with and helping small and struggling practitioners hold their own, and possibly even beat up on the big boys.
Don’t you think it’s time you took advantage of my age and experience, and joined?



small_red_arrow_bullet  But Wait.  There’s More!

Build Your Prospect List With A New Lead Magnet Each Month!
Your newsletter won’t help you very much if you don’t have a good list of prospects who want to hear what you say, so each month we provide you with a new, custom created “Lead Magnet,” to help you build your list and keep your funnel full.
Ghost-Written Web Starter Content
Each month, you’ll get complete blog posts you can use as idea generators and starter text to kick start your client communications, both online and offline.
Promotional Handouts
You’ll get coloring sheets from the Bean Counter’s Coloring Book to keep young children busy during tax season, recipes from the Bean Counter’s Cookbook to use as either website content or promotional handouts at local schools and functions.

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