Learn To Get More Revenue From Clients,
Any Time, Any Where!

Okay, that’s a bit over the top, but once you learn the secrets of cross-selling and upselling, it will seem like that’s what you can do, and should have been doing for the past umpteen years!

90 Days One-On-One Coaching!
Only $97 A Month!
Guaranteed To Produce Revenue of Over 10 Times Your Tuition!

Okay, have you ever seen any coach or trainer guarantee a return on investment like that? A guarantee that your revenue will increase by ten times what you paid for your training or coaching, or you get 100% of your tuition back!

This is not some pie in the sky made up program, this training will give you the most highly developed Rainmaker training on the market today. This coaching program will hold your feet to the fire and get you ready to blast through your revenue goals in this coming tax season.

No Gimmicks!
Just Real Techniques That Work!

Here is a small sample of things you will learn:

  1. How To Identify Selling Opportunities
  2. How To Organize Your Current Services
  3. How To Define Future Services
  4. How To Develop A Custom Value Proposition
  5. How To Pre-Sell Your Value Proposition
  6. How To Use Professional Development Profitably
  7. And More . . .


Immediately after enrollment, you will be given access to your first assignment, your firm analysis utilizing the Business Model tools found in the “Master’s Level” training of the Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course. Next, we’ll work together to define the services and value propositions you might want to offer to your clients. Then, we’ll develop a strategy for presenting your offers, that meets any IRS 7216 requirements.

Once we reach that point, we will refine and develop your cross-selling and upselling system until it becomes a natural part of your practice.

Reserve Your Space Immediately. Enrollment at this low price for this one-on-one training and coaching is strictly limited to the first five applicants.


90 Days At $97 Per Month
With A Money Back Guarantee!
What Could Be Better?