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Childcare Industry Specific Marketing Kit

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Targeted Marketing For [insert_php]echo date(“Y”) ;[/insert_php]!

With Your Childcare
Industry Specific Marketing Kits!

bcc_index_img_feat For the first time ever, you can own a complete “Marketing System” specifically targeting the childcare industry! Start breaking into this profitable niche with this one-of-a-kind system at the low, low, price of only $197 per kit!

At last, you can have the insider knowledge of the childcare industry with hard-hitting marketing materials that give you the knowledge to position yourself as an industry expert in this specialized niche!

PLUS, you’ll get need to know background information on the childcare industry to make you an “expert” on the industry, as well as the information you need to “audit proof” your client.

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What’s in a
“Childcare Specific Marketing Kit?”

Each Marketing Kit contains everything you need to break into the childcare niche or industry.

Inside your kit, you will find insider knowledge of your targeted industry, a hard-hitting, targeted, brochure, an ebook or pamphlet, your own pre-written webinar or seminar outline and script, complete with PowerPoint presentation, pre-written direct mail marketing letters and a lead generation page for your website.

ChildcareBookCoverPLUS, you’ll get a custom backgrounder giving you the industry information you need, as well as the information you need to “audit proof” your client.

Each marketing kit gives you the knowledge you need to start targeted marketing towards the childcare industry.

Getting Your Industry Specific Marketing Kit is like getting a lifetime of knowledge in a day!

Imagine being able to walk into a brand new prospects office and be able to converse with them about their industry, in terms they understand, and with knowledge that shows you know about their problems.

Most professionals spend years of study acquiring the knowledge that
you can have available to you through this simple system.

ChildcareBrochureThis system is not another “how-to” manual. This is an exclusive process that can revolutionize your way of marketing. A guaranteed money making system you can put on auto-pilot to generate a lifetime of profits.

Get Yours Now, And Start Targeting Tomorrow!

With this system, you will get the breakthrough system that will allow you to become a respected professional in the childcare industry, understanding the same inside secrets known only to folks who have spent years studying and working in the childcare industry.

Don’t miss out on the beginnings of a ground breaking change in niche marketing and specialization, get your first kit now, and start building your business immediately! You could be meeting with brand new prospects and collecting your first fees next week!

Industry Specific Marketing!

Industry statistics show that the more a client trusts your knowledge, the more likely they are to choose you as their accountant. And, the more you know about a specific industry, the more services you are able to offer to your clients. The average for professionals who offer more than one client service is 10 years!

What industry do you know that you could break into, if you just had the knowledge? Medical practices, restaurants and hospitality, child care, printing, manufacturing, farming, grocery, ministry …?

Don’t wait.

Get started now, and take advantage of the low price of $197 per kit before it goes up!