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Clients From Seminars

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Small Group Workshops:
Your Most Efficient Way To Prospect


Not Closing Leads From Your Speaking Engagements?
Engage your prospects over time with your own Small Business Academy series of workshops and seminars. Build rapport and develop a reputation as a small business management expert.

There Are Only Three Ways To Become Recognized As An Expert,
Get Published
Be A Public Speaker, or


Research has found that small group workshops are an accounting professionals most powerful way of developing long term relationships with prospects.
Each Clients From Seminars Small Business Management Instructor Guide will give you the tools you need to start your own “Small Business Management Academy.”
With the “Clients From Seminars” system you’ll be able to team up with local civic organizations, schools and colleges to become THE sought after expert in your community.
Each instructor guide contains all the class outlines, textbooks, lecture notes, instructor guides, and handouts you’ll need to start giving small group seminars and workshops to local business owners and startups, making you THE “Expert” in your community.


When You Teach
You Are The Expert!
Imagine being completely prepared to start giving free seminars and courses, where prospective clients see you as the business management expert, and start asking YOU for business advice. Or, imagine also getting paid for those seminars and workshops, and having those same prospects pay you just to find out how you can help them!
Choose one or more guides from the dozen featured below. Get started with your own workshop series today!
Basic Management Skills


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Understand how their management styles affect every aspect of their business: customers, suppliers, employees.
  • Be able to set management goals and objectives.
  • Know the value of planning and replanning.


Business Planning
Road Map To Success


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Understand the importance of planning in running a business or starting a new one.
  • State the parts of a business plan.
  • List the advantages and uses of a business plan.


Marketing And Sales Strategies
How To Get Your Share?


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Understand how to analyze customer needs before offering them a product or service.
  • Be able to tailor product or service to satisfy customer needs.
  • Be able to define marketing as a total concept.


And Controlling Costs


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Know what tools to use to control costs.
  • Know how to track their expenses to determine patterns of gain or drain.
  • Be able to determine if their goods or services are in line with industry standards.


For Your Business


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Be able to define the purpose of maintaining records.
  • Know the requirements of a good record system.
  • Know the minimum records required.


Financial Management:
Making A Go Of Your Business


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Identify positive cash flow as the primary business goal.
  • Link Financial Management and Record$keeping.
  • Set goals for salary and profits from their businesses.


Business Law & Risk Protection:
Don’t Operate Illegally and Unknowingly


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Have a basic knowledge of how to operate legally, both prior to and after startup.
  • Learn how to safeguard their business through wise choices of legal, accounting and insurance expertise.
  • Understand how federal, state and local laws and regulations directly affect small business.


Home Work:
Doing Business From Your Home


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Assess their entrepreneurial readiness.
  • Explain the advantages, disadvantages, and differences in operating a home business.
  • Know the importance of professionalism in owning and managing a home-based business.


Managing A Service Business


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Assess their entrepreneurial readiness using a variety of checklists and self-testing instruments.
  • List particular skills or experiences they need to acquire to successfully manage a business.
  • Describe in writing what their product or service is.
  • List the advantages of starting a service business.


Increasing Your Selling Power


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Describe the necessary personal traits and skills, and technical skills necessary to be effective salespersons and assess their progress toward these skills.
  • Assess their selling accomplishments to date and set goals for the next year and next five years.
  • List and describe ways to increase product knowledge.


Advertising For
Your Small Business


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Define advertising and view it as a distinct business activity separate from personal selling, promotion, publicity, and community relations.
  • Develop a customer profile and describe their customers’ buying cycle.


Inventory Management:
Are Your Profits Sitting On A Shelf?


You’ll show your prospects and clients how to:

  • Identify methods to forecast inventory requirements.
  • Review procedures to manage the purchasing function.
  • State the importance of and key elements of an inventory management system.




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