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Kickstart Your Bookkeeping, Accounting Or Tax Consulting Practice With Practice Builder Publishing – Practice Builder Publishing – Tools & Resources For Accountants And Tax Practitioners

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Kickstart Your Bookkeeping, Accounting Or Tax Consulting Practice With Practice Builder Publishing

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Thinking Of Starting Your Own Bookkeeping, Accounting or Tax Practice?

small_red_arrow_bullet  Need better clients?  Or, Higher Fees?

Does your professional reputation need enhancement in your community? Do clients ask for you, or your competitor?

You can have clients and prospects knocking on your door as you discover FREE ways to build your practice, or professional firm, and develop new streams of income offering new products and services that create a demand for your practice in your community.

Eliminate wasteful advertising and marketing by using the time tested techniques that come with your subscription to Practice Builder Publishing!

Get access to resources and strategies for using seminars, webinars, private label reports, pre-written speeches and private label rights workbooks. Your subscription includes access to lesson plans, handouts and complete student workbooks, for your own small business academy. Everything you need to get started almost immediately!

small_red_arrow_bullet   Learn How To Start Getting better clients Immediately!

Dear Fellow Practitioner . . .

If you are starting your own bookkeeping, accounting or tax practice, I’ll teach you how to AT LEAST DOUBLE your practice size and fees

Hello . . .

Kirk Ward

My name is Kirk Ward. Among other projects, I developed the PayClerk Payroll Marketing System and the PLR Lien & Levy Marketing System, two of the most unique marketing programs on the web. I have authored top selling tax training courses for major national publishers, and I have built and sold bookkeeping and accounting practices across the Southeast.

After fifteen years auditing and examining the books and records of hundreds of companies, after working with multi-billion dollar financial institutions, and another fifteen years of owning multiple accounting practices and payroll services, I’ve seen enough tricks and techniques to know what it takes to build a million dollar practice.

And, it’s easy!

Did you know that the average sole practitioner only does $60,000 in billings per year? Heck, using some of the techniques you’ll learn and tools you’ll get as a subscriber to "Practice Builder Publishing," you could earn that much in a weekend!

And you know what? I discovered that the only difference between the big guys and the little ones is perception, not skill! I discovered that it’s how smart the prospect THINKS you are, not how smart you really are!!!

I found that when clients began to THINK I was an expert, because of the classes I taught, and the books I wrote, my practice exploded. You see, everyone thinks accounting and taxes are some big mystery, while you and I know it’s simply about recording what you got (the debits), and where it came from (the credits).

And now that I have retired
from public practice,
I can reveal my five-step secret!

1. I got myself educated in Marketing. I discovered that a college accounting education did not train you to build a practice. How to post debits and credits, yes, but how to get clients . . . No!

I discovered how to find my prospective clients, and what they were looking for. And it wasn’t pretty financial statements! I wrote my own marketing manual, and built my own Marketing Arsenal, of over a dozen powerful strategies to identify, and locate clients and get them to banging on my door. Now, I’m passing this knowledge on to you!

2. I discovered that what my clients really wanted was an ‘EXPERT’ to tell them how to run their businesses more profitably.

So I made myself into an expert and started my own ‘Small Business Academy.’ I developed a series of six-week (or three day) seminars and bootcamps, complete with lesson plans, handouts and textbooks. A whole package of instructors guides and teaching materials I am now willing to share with you.

3. I achieved Celebrity status as a recognized expert when I became a published author . . .

As a published author I was immediately given "Expert" status by my clients and prospects. Seeing my name in print gave me instant credibility with everyone I met. And now, with "Print on Demand" capability, I can pass that credibility on to you!

4. I got on the web.

Admittedly, I was a little late with this one. It took some experimenting before I figured out how to attract LOCAL clients using the World Wide Web, and using that skill to propel my practice into the stratosphere. You’ll get my entire electronic marketing system when you subscribe to the "Practice Builder Publishing" system.

5. And, I developed specialized niche skills . . .

I developed special niche markets that other accountants and tax specialists were not qualified in. Skills that I am willing to teach you. These are not your ordinary, everyday, local accountant skills. These programs include special training that will let even an ordinary local practitioner earn hundreds of dollars an hour! As a member of "Practice Builder Publishing," I’ll tell you how you too can develop these skills.

These niche skills are powerful, and they WORK like a charm!

Now that I am retired from practice, I can show you how to do exactly the same and AT LEAST DOUBLE your clients and fees &45; IMMEDIATELY.

small_red_arrow_bullet  Get All This For Only $47 A Month!


First, I’m going to educate you.

I’m going to give you all of those same tools and techniques it took me years to develop, starting with your own FREE “Practice Builders Marketing Arsenal.” In this arsenal of marketing tips, tools and techniques, you’ll discover the tools and tricks I used to build all of my successful practices.

From the first day of your membership, you’ll begin to receive access the entire Marketing Arsenal, over three hundred pages of tips, trick and how-to techniques for building your own practice.

  • You’ll discover how to build your personal marketing “toolkit,” containing the absolute basics you need to be in practice.
  • You’ll find out how to start your own networking and referral program with “influentials” in your life and community, how to network with “peers” and other small business owners.
  • You’ll learn how to build relationships with “event marketing,” and how to contact prospects using the powerful “one-to-one new situation system.”
  • You’ll receive your own “Postcard Marketing” manual with instructions and samples, articles for your own “Newsletter Marketing” manual along with instructions on how to develop your own “Reverse Marketing” system.
  • Each month you’ll get pre-written articles you can use to create your own client newsletter, to print and distribute with your own practice details.
  • Then be ready to learn Online, or “Electronic” Marketing, Cold Calling, all about Public Relations and News Announcements, Marketing With Payroll Services, Marketing With Seminars & Courses, and Building Your Practice With Authoring and Coaching.

All this training is FREE with your paid subscription to "Practice Builder Publishing!"


And,while you’re absorbing all that education, in step number two, I’ll give you the tools you need to start your own “Small Business Management Institute.”

With the “Clients From Seminars” system you’ll learn how you can team up with local civic organizations, schools and colleges to become THE sought after expert in your community.

  • You’ll get all the class outlines, textbooks, lecture notes, instructor guides, and handouts you’ll need to start giving seminars and workshops to small business owners and startups, and become recognized as THE “Expert” in your community. You can choose to print your own copies of the textbooks from the customized PDF’s, or I will print and bind them for you, with your name on the cover as my co-author.
  • Imagine being completely prepared to start giving free seminars and courses, where prospective clients see you as the business management expert, and start asking YOU for business advice. Or, imagine also getting paid for those seminars and workshops, and having those same prospects pay you just to find out how you can help them!
  • Your Small Business Academy will include the ability to give workshops on “Business Planning,” “Building Basic Management Skills,” “Marketing And Sales Strategies,” “Purchasing And Controlling Costs,” “Recordkeeping,” “Financial Management,” “Business Law And Risk Protection,” “Small-Business Computers,” “Running A Home-Based Business,” “Managing A Service Business,” “Increasing Sales,” “Advertising,” And “Inventory Management.”

Then,with step three, I’ll help you become a published author, with your own line of Small Business Management Workbooks, with you as my co-author.

You can have as many as two dozen different workbooks, printed and professionally bound with full-color binding, to display in your office, or to sell as a “back of the room” product at your small business academy seminars and workshops.

You’ll find that when your prospects see your name in print, they’ll place your professionalism and expertise above all the rest.


For step four, I’ll give you all the tools you need to start an electronic marketing program for your practice immediately.

I’ll even give you your own FREE website, where you can promote your tax, payroll and accounting portions of your practice. I’ll show you how to set up your own email marketing campaigns, and kick you off with 26 pre-written client email newsletters and messages.

I’ll show you how to find free tools and resources you can use to build your online presence and client interaction. You’ll find out how to give online webinars, and GET PAID for giving them. I’ll show you how to get online videos created for free, and where to get professional narration that even I can afford.

I’ll show you how to keep your website full of fresh, new, content daily, and how to share your articles and news with other content hungry websites, building your pagerank and site authority, even giving you a complete monthly SEO analysis of your website with details that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get a number one ranking in Google search results.

Then finally, in step five, I’ll show you how to build a niche practice, and where you can learn the skills necessary for any one of more than a half dozen specialized niches, all designed to explode your practice and fees.

These specialized niches and the techniques for using them to build your practice are so powerful I can only tell you how they work for you AFTER you become a member.

Look What You Get From
Practice Builder Publishing!

Done For You Email Marketing
That Fills Your Marketing Funnel!

Market your bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and consulting services with fresh weekly email newsletters, customized with your practice information. This free email service builds your list and keeps you in touch. Just paste a short snippet of code onto your website and watch your prospect list grow.

Print Ready Newsletter On CD
Shipped Directly To You Each Month

Stay in touch with your clients and prospects each month with a full color, professionally written and laid out client newsletter. Delivered print ready, to you on a CD each month, ready for you to brand with your own practice information and print or email to your list. Compare to other services costing hundrreds of dollars per month!

Multiple Instructors Give You
Video Training That Gets You Up To Speed!

You’ll get access to over two hundred easy to understand video courses: (1) Twelve Sessions On Cold Call Selling, (2) Forty-Four Sessions On Setting Up And Managing Your Own WordPress Based Website, (3) SEO Marketing, (4) Fifty-Seven Video Sessions On Social Media Marketing, (5) Six Video Sessions On Video Marketing, (6) Twenty-Three Videos On Video Production, (7) Content Marketing, and (8) Sixty-Seven Videos On Email Marketing.

Seminars And Workshops
That Build Your Practice

Become recognized as an expert trainer and educator with your own “Small Business Academy,” as each month you receive one of twelve pre-written courses, complete with lecture notes and handouts for six weekly classes, or one weekend of intense study, capped off with an easy to understand and teach thirteen week capstone course, that brings it all together, and locks in clients.

Pre-Written Speeches
That Get You Third Party Endorsements!

Get in front of local groups and prospects with pre-written speeches. Each month you will receive one of two dozen pre-written speeches that you can download and use as your own. Each speech comes with art for posters and flyers, as well as direct mail letters you can use to solicit speaking engagements. Then, log in to Practice Builder Publishing and use the FREE Press Release Generator Tool to create a press release you can send to local media and encourage attendance at your event.

Private Label Workbooks That Help You
Become a “Published Author”

Each month you will receive one of two dozen small business management workbook masters you can relabel with your own title and showing you as the author. You can sell these workbooks as back of the room products at your public speaking events, or as giveaways and promotional items, enhancing your reputation as a local expert.


Is it any wonder you’re not making any money with your practice, using the same tired, worn-out marketing everyone else is using?

The Practice Builder Publishing system gives you everything you need to start marketing tomorrow – your own Marketing Guidebook, Marketing Arsenal with step-by-step instructions, methods and materials for group marketing and presentations, Private Label Publications you can co-brand as your own work, your own Electronic Marketing System, complete with web hosting, one-to-one electronic marketing system, with both live and passive methods, and access to marketing guides for Practice Specialties and Industry Niches that you can use to build your own million dollar practice!

What are you waiting for? Get the complete core of the Rainmaker system for only $47 per month!



Get Immediate Access To Your First Download!


   Learn How To Double Your Clients And Fees!
      Or, Get Your MONEY BACK And Keep The Product!

Plus, You Get Our Exclusive Thirty Day “Evergreen” Guarantee

If at any time, you’re not happy with what you’re getting, simply cancel your subscription and send me a request for a refund. You will promptly get a refund of your last subscription payment … The past Thirty days! This guarantee is good for the life of your membership, no matter how long it has been since you joined! Plus, you get to keep everything you’ve downloaded, including the month you get your refund!