Automated Emails As Part Of A Lead Generation And Nurturing Program

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Do you use an automated email newsletter as part of your lead generation and nurturing program? If not, you should.

Practitioners who use marketing automation as a part of their overall strategy grow on average at a 451% faster rate than their counterparts.


Having an automated email mewsletter is a part of every successful marketing program and with so many different programs to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

From ‘Software As A Service’ models offered by AWeber and GetResponse and ‘self hosted’ systems such as ARPReach, your choices abound.

Almost all automated email marketing systems operate in the same manner, offering the ability to implement multiple series of subscripttion based ‘drip’ based campaigns, or to offer standalone email ‘broadcasts,’ sometimes called ‘blasts.’

Drip campaigns basically operate on a schedule, usually with the first message going to a new subscriber and additional messages being sent on a pre-set schedule, with each following message being sent at a specific interval after the previous message.

The result is that no matter when a new subscriber is added, they will get the entire series of content in the same order, and over the same length of time as any other subscriber, no matter when they subscribe, just not at the same time.

Broadcasts, on the other hand, are standalone messages, sent to the entire group of selected contacts at the same time. Multiple broadcast messages can be scheduled to go at specific times, but the time each message is sent is totally independent of any other message.

One way to think of how these two models work is to think of the drip campaign as being used for a traing course of some sort, whether it is purely educational, or it is sales based, and a broadcast being used for urgent, time sensitive, information.

Advanced systems, such as those available through AWeber and GetResponse, offer action based autorepsonders, which deliver specific messages when a ‘trigger’ is activated, such as a link being clicked, a message opened or forwarded, a goal being reached, a custom field being changed or modified, or noting a birthday or some other action that has been set.

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Such an action based system offers the ability to develop email series that deliver messages, based on the interests of prospects, that increase interest and conversions. And, to do it on an automated basis.

A typical scenario might be as follows.

A practitioner website includes an offer for a whitepaper or ebook, known as a ‘lead magnet,’ on what a taxpayer may be looking at when facing an IRS audit. At this point in time, the information in the whitepaper or ebook is generic, talking in generalized terms about a typical IRS audit.

When the prospect signs up to get the free lead magnet, they are automatically subscribed to the practitioners generic drip based autoresponder series.

However, in the content of the lead magnet, specific triggers are set.

For example, the whitepaper may include a section offering additional information for folks in specific industries. A reader who clicks on a link to read more about that speciic topic might also be added to an autoresponder specifically highlighting the practitioners skills in that field or niche, while simultaneously being removed from the generic series.

Similar tactics can be used for online purchases, such as signing up for a webinar, or booking an appointment, any trigger for which topical messages can be developed.

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At Practice Builder Publishing, we have integrated our blog, news, podcast and webinar updates into an automated series using our ARPReach email system, resulting in a heretofore difficult to deliver daily newsletter. Fresh content is automatically imported from the blog, news, podcast and webinar posts, automatically formatted and delivered to subscriber at a preset time each day.

None of this would have been possible without the adoption of an automated marketing system.

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