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Private Label License These Tips Books As Your Own

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“Becoming a Published Author is the most effective way of building a relationship with your Target Market which in turn generates clients and creates a practice you are proud of!”

Ford Harding
“Rain Making”

Who’s The Expert?
You Or The Likes Of H&R Block?

Slick advertising and the promise of quick cash back may get low end tax clients in the door, but higher quality clients are looking for a tax expert.

You Can Be That Expert!

The days of the mass market tax practice are fading fast. The easy money, low hanging fruit of Refund Anticipation Loans, is long gone. Software packaging is getting slicker and slicker.

But, even the most jaded tax prospect knows that they need professional help and advice, and when they seek that advice, the one thing they are looking for is an expert.

A Published Author Is Recognized As An Expert

When a taxpayer seeks a service provider, a tax preparer or practitioner, they want the best and most knowledgeable expert possible. Being a published author provides clients with proof that you are that expert.

When Your Business Card Is Your Book

You ARE The Expert!

When you are a published author, your prospect will recognize you as having substantial experience and that you have dug deeper into his or her needs than most of your competition.

Just imagine the reaction the next time you are at a Chamber of Commerce networking event and when a prospect asks you for your business card, you reply “I’m sorry. I don’t have any business cards with me. Can give you a copy of my latest book?”

Powerful, huh?

But, Do You Have The Time,
Or Inclination, To Write A Book?




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Mark uses his books to showcase new services in the Payroll and HR field. Ralf used his Childcare books as promotions at seminars with daycare operators. Richard provides his to the local Chamber of Commerce as gifts at monthly Chamber dinners. Kirk used his to get local media coverage by announcing its publication in press releases to local media. Markwei used his as "Back of the Room" products at public speaking events.

Writing a book is a lot of work. It takes time and it takes effort. Time and effort you may not have to spare as you work to build your business. Now there’s a solution to that problem. Richard Lake, of Arizona Tax Experts, has produced a couple of power packed tax tips books for your practice. And in a single week or less, you can be enjoying the status and prestige that becoming a published author gives you.

And, If You Ever Write Your Book,
Will It Answer Your Prospects Questions?

Writing a book that answers the specific questions your prospect wants answered is even harder. Really hard. But, Richard has broken the code, and you can license the right to use one of his tax books for your local market. You’ll get Private Label Rights to a completely written tax book, which you can use in printed form in your market.

Richard has two titles for you to choose from. Just pick which one best suits your practice. The first is “What Every Taxpayer Should Know Before Filing Their Next Tax Return,” while the second one is focused on business as “What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Filing Their Next Tax Return.” Of course you can rebrand the book with your own title and cover for a small additional charge. Just let us know when you submit your branding information after placing your order.



What Can Your Own Licensed
Tax Tip Book Do For You?

Your Licensed PLR Tax Tip Book positions you as an expert in that marketplace. Prospects identify you as a preparer who knows their unique situation, and has spent time developing an understanding of their needs, wants and desires.

Having your own Tax Tip Book is like having a billboard with a third party endorsement pointing to you, and placing you ahead of all your competition.

What Can You Do With
A Licensed PLR Tax Tip Book?

As a “published author,” your printed book can become an oversized business card at networking events, a promotional giveaway at Chamber of Commerce networking functions, a fundraiser item for PTA’s and church organizations, a direct mail offer to prospects in your target market, a back of the room giveaway at your public speaking events or as a promotional offer on your website to generate a prospect mailing list.

How Can You Get Your Own
Tax Tip Book PLR License?

Well, you could try the hard way, and start writing one yourself. That will probably take you a full month of concentration, or six months of off again, on again attempts.

You could hire a ghostwriter from a website like Elance, or Odesk. That will involve you having to do all the research anyway (another thirty days to six months, plus paying a writer around a quarter a word, and then rewriting it so it sounds natural, and still not maybe getting that right). Total cost for 10,000 words, $2,500, plus you still have to do most of the work.

Or, you could just click the button below, license your own copy, and download your master document immediately, saving anywhere from one to six months of trouble and frustration, and a heck of a lot of money.

What Comes With Your
Tax Tip Book License?

Your license for either of the books lets you print and distribute those printed copies as you like, for whatever cover price you like. (Of course, we recommend you distribute it for free — the goal here is to impress them with your expertise, not make a profit on sales.)

You’ll also get instructions for designing your cover and producing your books with our recommended printer, Production prices generally run under $3/copy in quantities of 100 or more. (Of course, you’re free to choose your own printer if you prefer.)

Your investment in each license is only $997. That’s a ridiculously low price to pay for the authority and expertise you’ll be able to convey.

What are you waiting for? Order one of our book licenses today, and by this time next week you can be enjoying the prestige and authority that only becoming a niche author can give!



  • Lifetime PLR License
  • Formatted Word Doc Master
  • PDF Backup Copy
  • Art Masters For Four Covers
  • Immediate Download
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Both Books


  • Lifetime License Both Books
  • Formatted Word Doc Master
  • PDF Backup Copy
  • Art Masters For Four Covers
  • Immediate Download
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  • Lifetime PLR License
  • Formatted Word Doc Master
  • PDF Backup Copy
  • Art Masters For Four Covers
  • Immediate Download
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When Do You Get Your
Branded Tax Tip Book Master?

Your book is formatted and ready for immediate download. Just download and add your your personalizing info, have printed and distribute. It really is as easy as that!

Go ahead and Order Now!